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Facilities Manager brings the reader the views and experiences of the people behind the facilities operations. Articles are written by facilities professionals for facilities professionals, giving readers practical and big-picture perspectives on issues and challenges shared across the profession. Readers turn to Facilities Manager for the research, solutions, creative strategies, and best practices to inform and transform their work.

Facilities Manager Magazine
July/August 2014
APPA at 100: Looking Back, Moving Forward

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Past Presidents Review APPA's Progress and Service
by Ruth E. Thaler-Carter

A Century of Campus Planning—Past, Present, and Future
by Mark Crawford

Caring for Historic Buildings—Preserving a Heritage, Renovating for the Future
by Anita Blumenthal

An FPI Salary Analysis: Six-Year Salary Trends for Facilities Professionals
by Ernest R. Hunter Sr.

A Sampling of Past APPA Publications
by Steve Glazner


From the Editor
2014 Rex Dillow Award for Outstanding Article Goes to Richard L. McDermott
by Steve Glazner

Facilities Digest
by Anita Dosik

Executive Summary
Critical Issues in the New Normal
by E. Lander Medlin

Membership Matters
Choose APPA
by Lisa Potter

Enabling Leadership
Artificial Boundaries Limit Success
by Joe Whitefield

Facility Asset Management
Change is Hard, But Practice Can Help
by Matt Adams

Code Talkers
APPA’s Codes Work Group Process Works! Group Evaluates Proposed Cleaning Standards
by Richard J. Davis

Knowledge Builders
FPI Delivers Executive Bonus Summary Presentation to Participants
by Maggie Kinnaman

The Bookshelf
by Theodore J. Weidner

New Products
by Gerry Van Treeck

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July-August Cover

Volume 30, Number 4
July/August 2014

APPA at 100: Looking Back, Moving Forward

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