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APPA took on the role of documenting the problem of deferred maintenance in 1988 with the study, The Decaying American Campus: A Ticking Time Bomb, published in 1989. The study, conducted in cooperation with Coopers & Lybrand and the National Association of College and University Business Officers, was a landmark research effort documenting a growing problem for U.S. colleges and universities.

Since 1988, there has been much continued attention focused on the issue. States produced facilities-funding models. Institutions sought funds to reduce deferred maintenance, and therefore institutions continued to grow and expand their space. In addition, new forces have come into play requiring institutions to find funding for significant technology upgrades in order to compete. What effect has any of this had on deferred maintenance and facilities renewal?

In 1995, APPA partnered with NACUBO and Sallie Mae to again examine the climate in our higher education institutions.  The research results were published in A Foundation to Uphold: A Study of Facilities Conditions at U.S. College and Universities, published in 1996. The estimates showed $26 billion in accumulated deferred maintenance, of which $5.7 billion are urgent needs. While many campuses have made significant progress in reducing and even eliminating deferred maintenance, the problem continues to plague our campuses. In response to this condition, APPA continues to press for legislators, administrators, and others to address funding needs.

Title Author Year Purchase
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A Foundation to Uphold: A Study of Facilities Conditions at U.S. College and Universities Harvey H. Kaiser and Jerry S. Davis 1996 Visit Bookstore
The Decaying American Campus: A Ticking Time Bomb Sean C. Rush and Sandra L. Johnson 1989 Visit Bookstore
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