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Pacific Lutheran University

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Direct the operational and personnel activities of the department as related to custodial staff in campus buildings and residence halls.


  1. Employ persons to fill custodial vacancies when they occur.
  2. Requisition custodial supplies and test new products; requisition new equipment and parts as needed.
  3. Direct the operations of approximately 46 personnel engaged in custodial services in campus buildings and residence halls.
  4. Inspect work of personnel assigned, and direct corrective measures to secure satisfactory performance.
  5. Instruct employees in methods and use of materials and equipment.
  6. Assure that the rules and regulations of the university, policies and procedures of the Physical Plant, and all safety regulations, are known and observed by custodial staff.
  7. Supervise preparation for special events.
  8. Work with the convention housing office during summer months to insure that residence hall rooms are ready when conventions arrive. Coordinate work between convention groups so that all rooms will be house cleaned and ready for fall students
  9. Perform related duties as assigned.

Custodial Supervisor reports to the Assistant Director of the Physical Plant, who provides general direction and coordination of work.

Must be able to work with other Physical Plant supervisors when Jobs overlap. Coordinate with other university departments on service, resolution of operating problems, work scheduling, etc.

Working knowledge of custodial equipment and chemicals.

Working in offices, residence halls, campus buildings, and some outside areas.

Minimum of five years experience supervising a staff of at least thirty people.

Ability to conduct employee training sessions in:

  1. care and operation of institutional equipment
  2. proper use of institutional cleaning chemicals, etc. hazardous materials.

Ability to act as liaison between Physical Plant and both the Conference Manager and the Athletic Facilities Coordinator. With the increased emphasis on summer conferences and the extended night and week-end activities a great variety of experience is needed to meet the many needs of these groups.

Computer knowledgeable.

Standing, walking, bending.

Requires working with a large staff and students. Success is based on the ability to work with an extremely broad social and intellectual assortment of people. Communicative skills, both written and oral, are required.

Because the staff in this department work in private offices of administrators and faculty, the supervisor must be able to impress the staff with the importance of confidentiality. Often the supervisor must stand as a buffer between administrators and the custodial staff. The same is true in the relationships with students in residence halls.

Must be able to recognize and settle conflicts between staff members which cause the quality of their work to suffer; such as personality conflicts between custodians working in the same area.

Should be willing to listen and counsel with employee on matters not related to the job but which may affect their work. Care should be taken in this area; while some employees prefer to keep their personal lives to themselves, others may be offended and upset if the supervisor does not take the time to listen.