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Breakout Sessions

Our Value, Our Values and The Ask: The Art of Negotiation

It's all negotiable. Yet Babcock & Laschever’s research demonstrates that the majority of us don’t negotiate. We don’t even ask, and it's time for that to change. This fast-paced interactive session will quickly share why we fail to ask and then move to action with steps to determine what we want, how to ask for it, and how to support other women who ask. Every new position, every performance review, every award is now an opportunity to negotiate base salary, benefits, and other incentives that add to job satisfaction, improve quality of life, and provide financial security. So, get ready to ask early and often!

1. Participants will learn to u nderstand how to use their values to communicate their value to their organization;
2. Learn how to identify a process for negotiation that can be adapted to personal style;
3. Learn to ask!

Teri Bump, American Campus Communities