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Breakout Sessions

APPA's Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Survey 2013 Update

This session will focus on what has been learned about implementing TCO in our environment.  It is doable.  It will be sustainable when implemented.  This is the right thing to do.  The research suggests that most institutions have 80% of the data needed.  It just needs to be organized and focused.  This session demonstrates how you can add to your tools of leadership and become a stronger player within the organization leadership team.  This is our future.  Come and see what that means.


1. Learn what has been discovered from the research that can assist you in deciding where TCO fits you and your institution.
2. Learn what the advantages are of managing within the TCO framework.
3. Learn how to get started since TCO can begin where you are and progress to better, easier, and trusted results and long-term savings.

Doug Christensen, APPA Emeritus and Ana Thiemer, University of Texas/Austin