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Breakout Sessions

Emergency and Non Emergency Movement-Controlling the Masses:

College and university environments offer many excellent opportunities and chances for the student population to gather in a concentrated space for specific events. Mix in alumni, alcohol, overzealous school spirit and the potential for an event to get out of hand is within reach. In 2011, NFPA’s affiliate, the Fire Protection Research Foundation (FPRF) initiated a project to look at events that resulted in injury or death to participants in large crowd or assembly venues-not involving a fire event. A surprising number of incidents were identified and involved everything from concerts, sporting events, fights and even celebrations that resulted in death or injury to the participants or in some cases, the bystanders. This session will review the FPRF study and provide discussion on the tools, such as the Life Safety Evaluation (LSE) component in NFPA 101®, Life Safety Code® that those responsible for crowd safety can apply.

1. Participants will review events involving individual and crowd behavior that resulted in death or injury.
2. Participants will review circumstances that triggered these behaviors and actions (or inaction) of facility managers.
3. Participants will examine the tools available to facility managers to anticipate and manage these environments.

Robert Solomon, NFPA