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Breakout Sessions

Energy andSustainability Assessment Tool in Action

APPA’s new Energy andSustainability Assessment Tool (ESAT)provides an opportunity for higher education institutions to benchmark, in a comprehensive way, sustainable operation and management practices as well as conduct an energy and environmental performance of the individual buildings on a campus. ESAT, now a part of APPA’s Facilities Performance Indicators (FPI), offers a proven approach to assess and benchmark critical areas related to the construction, operation, and maintenance of institutional facilities. Carleton University has worked with Jones Lang LaSalle to develop ESAT and has used it to prepare a Sustainable campus plan that will reduce energy use and environmental footprint through a series of cost-effective initiatives. The plan is based on several phases:


1. Participants will learn how to prepare, implement and track progress of a campus sustainability plan using the APPA’s new Energy andSustainability Assessment Tool (ESAT).
2 .Participants will learn how to use benchmarking information to drive the energy and environmental improvement of campus facilities.
3. Participants will learn how to track progress for continuous improvement

Darryl Boyce, Carlton University; Jiri Skopek, Jones Lang LaSalle