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Breakout Sessions

Get the Right People in the Right Positions: A Tool for Assessment and Alignment

While organizational effectiveness is important in any economic situation, in difficult times meeting campus expectations becomes critical.  In our capacity as facilities professionals, managers, and leaders, we are most effective when our skills and knowledge align with our jobs.  To thrive in difficult times, the key is to put the right people in the right positions.  In this 60 minute session, you will learn an assessment tool that will help you and your team align skills and knowledge in a way that optimizes your effectiveness.  This session will also provide you with a professional development tool for you and your team.  This session may revolutionize how you see yourself and others in your university.

1. Participants will identify the skills and knowledge needed for you and your team to succeed in difficult times.
2. Participants will identify problem areas as well as opportunities for your department to exceed expectations.
3. Participants will develop a personnel action plan and a succession plan that you can use immediately.

Joseph Han, Cleveland State University; Jejuana Brown, Cleveland State University