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Breakout Sessions

Go Green! Conserve and Save

The University of Rochester has implemented Go Green! Conserve and Save, a public commitment to sustainability. The program consists of many projects that have the common goal of helping to reduce the consumption of the planet’s natural resources, increase energy efficiency, minimize waste output, increase recycling and reuse, and make the University an environmentally friendly place to be. While the Go Green efforts cover many different aspects of the University and involve various departments and participants, the University Facilities and Services department has acted as a leader in many of the efforts. The University of Rochester has made improving overall performance and leadership in sustainable initiatives a goal. The Sustainability Task Force, has inventoried University environmental sustainability initiatives in its operations, articulated a Statement of Commitment to Environmental Sustainability Principles, and identified 25 specific ongoing or proposed sustainability initiatives in the areas of energy, waste management, recycling, purchasing, business practices, land use, building design, construction, transportation and parking, and dining services. The program’s focus is not just on gaining participation from community members, but on educating them about sustainable practices, so they can take responsibility for helping in the green effort. Facilities manages a sustainability blog and a Facebook fan page; The Green Dandelion and UR Sustainable.

1. Participants will discuss the commitment of management is necessary to set the tone for the goals and outcomes of the entire program.
2. Participants will learn about best practices that are easily transferable to other institutions for implementation.
3. Participants will explore why many sustainability best practices not only have an intrinsic benefit to the intuition, but a monetary benefit as well.

Patricia Beaumont, University of Rochester; Amy Kadrie, University of Rochester