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Breakout Sessions

Hazard Communication Compliance Project

The University of Texas at Austin Facilities Services and Project Management & Construction Services (PMCS) departments recognized a need to bring our shop areas into compliance with the Hazard Communication Standard. The Safety Coordinator hired four UT students to work on the project. The goals of Phase 1 of this project included creating a chemical inventory, determining how products are used, ensuring current Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are readily available, and properly disposing unwanted products through the campus safety department.  The goal of Phase 2 was to develop a train-the-trainer course to assist supervisors in providing effective site-specific training.  Phase 3 involves an analysis of our chemical inventory to identify opportunities to standardize products to reduce cost and overage, and find substitute products that are less hazardous to the person and the environment.  This project was mutually beneficial to our department (creating a safer and more compliant work environment) and to our student workers (presenting opportunities for professional development).  The project also built a relationship between Facilities Services and academia.

1. Participants will be shown how to illustrate the importance of evaluating Hazard Communication Compliance in Physical Plant departments.
2. Participants will disucss by demonstration the safety outcomes of Hazard Communication Compliance Project for UT Austin.
3. Participants will discuss mutually beneficial opportunities to work with student employees and building relationships with academia.

Jennifer Root, The University of Texas at Austin