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Breakout Sessions

Aligning Mission with Economic Realities: Marymount University Renovation Plan

Marymount University has evolved from a two-year commuter college for women to a co-educational university with on-campus residential population. The facilities on its main campus in Arlington, Virginia, however, have not kept pace with this growth. This session will explore the process of assessing existing spaces to align the physical setting with course capacities and institutional mission. It will examine ways of making better use of academic facilities to increase efficiency and affordability, and reflect a “learning happens everywhere” approach.

1. Learn how to analyze campus facilities to make better use of spaces and resources, and create an accessible and affordable campus encouraging of interdisciplinary learning.
2. Understand how planning of the campus environment can reinforce institutional goals by connecting academic programs on campus and to local and regional resources.
3. Recognize the opportunities and challenges of managing the planning process through various stages involving university leadership, department heads, faculty and students.

Upen Malani, Marymount University; Kevin Petersen, Ayers Saint Gross