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Breakout Sessions

Illinois Energy Success Story

Implementing a comprehensive Energy Management program on a campus with the vast educational and research needs of the University of Illinois requires blending technology systems, business operations, and sustainability principles to ensure financial stability and reliability. It means establishing the infrastructure necessary to make effective purchasing decisions, set accurate rate structures, and provide users online accessibility to current and historical energy usage. It involves creating strategies for demand side management and anticipating trends in future campus usage while providing access to details on building system operations, enhanced system alarms, and troubleshooting. Illinois is currently building an Energy Management and Control Center to allow further energy conservation and improved efficiencies. The new center is part of the initiative to further integrate demand forecast and response, energy purchase, and production asset optimization. These are just a few of the methods the university is using to bring its energy management vision to life.

1. Participants will learn about implementing an effective energy management program via improved monitoring and control capabilities.
2. Participants will learn about integrating highly proprietary product controls in a multiple vendor environment.
3. Participants will learn about incorporating new technologies to effectively redesign state of the art facilities.

Kent Reifsteck, University of Illinois/Urbana-Champaign; Joshua Whitson, University of Illinois/Urbana-Champaign