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Breakout Sessions

Incentives for Building Occupants: The Final Frontier in Energy Conservation?

Berkeley’s Operational Excellence campaign includes an Energy Management Initiative centered around an Incentive Plan which will share energy savings with building occupants if they can voluntarily reduce electrical loads that are under their control. By using social media, student activism, competition between buildings and positive reinforcement with prominent energy consumption dashboards, significant savings (as much as 3%) are possible. Our session will walk us through the steps to establish a program that can be tailored to your institution.

1. Participants will see how rewarding individual behavior can go hand in hand with more technical aspects of a comprehensive energy conservation program.
2. Participants will explore which pitfalls to avoid; how to structure the program, how to establish consumption baselines and allocate both the baseline and future consumption among different organizational units sharing campus buildings. Building in a carrot and stick approach based on actual building performance.
3. Participants will gain an understanding of the power of energy dashboards to involve building occupants in controlling energy consumption within their own buildings.

Chris Christofferson, University of California/Berkley