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Breakout Sessions

Intentional Leadership – The Principles and Practice of Leading From Identity and Integrity

Unlike primitive animals that merely react to a stimulus, we humans have the capacity to be proactive and intentional in our actions.  In organizations, we often see people, sometimes leaders, reacting to situations or circumstance that lack congruency and credibility.  Such reactions create dissonance in the organization, driving down morale and productivity.  Intentional Leadership session will help you lead with integrity that naturally flows from your identity and strengths.  Such leadership resonates with people and improves both morale and productivity.  Don’t be a reactionary leader.  Instead, lead with identity and integrity – be an Intentional Leader! 

1. Participaints will learn how to articulate your leadership “voice”.
2. Participaints will learn how identify the purpose and goals of your leadership.
3. Participaints will learn how identify the ideal environment your leadership can best thrive.

Joseph Han, Cleveland State University; Jejuana Brown, Cleveland State University