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Breakout Sessions

Irrigation 101

As drought conditions continue to affect significant portions of the country and restrictions continue to increase with the use of potable water supplies in the landscape, effective water management strategies are becoming more and more important in the campus landscape.  Many campuses struggle with outdated or ineffective irrigation systems that waste a tremendous amount of water.  Ineffective maintenance and programming practices create additional water waste and result in undesirable landscape appearance.  Limited budgets are allocated for classroom needs ahead of landscape needs. This program will provide simple, cost effective methods of increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of older, as well as new, irrigation systems.  Facility managers will be provided the basic knowledge to implement appropriate irrigation maintenance programs and develop irrigation schedules to maximize water use and improve the appearance of their campus landscapes. As a result of improved irrigation efficiency, costs associated with pesticides and fertilizers will be reduced as their effectiveness is improved and less product is lost to overwatering and non-uniform irrigation applications.

1. Participants will be provided simple Best Management Practices that can significantly reduce water usage in the landscape.
2. Participants will be exposed to common mistakes/misconceptions in irrigation system maintenance practices.
3. Participants will see how to improve pesticide and fertilizer effectiveness through improved irrigation management practices.

Willie West, University of New Mexico