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Breakout Sessions

Leadership is Key to Building High Performance Teams!

A leader is someone who sets direction, influences people to follow that direction and achieves customer focus with high performance results for the organization it serves. This presentation is about developing the appropriate skills needed to become an effective leader in setting a clear vision and strategy for transformation.  This session will address, among others, three questions: (1) why does an organization do what it does and how it does it to accomplish the vision with a clear strategy; (2) what are related issues and challenges; and (3) how do you know when you have reached the pinnacle of success?

1. Participants will develop a deeper understanding of leadership and factors that add to its success.
2. Participants will learn to identify the key questions leaders must ask in developing high performance teams.
3. Participants will learn the initiatives and tools needed to create an effective organization with operational excellence.

Christopher Ahoy, Retired; Joseph Han, Cleveland State University