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Breakout Sessions

LEED Lab: Sustainable Campus Building Assessments

The performance of a building is becoming not only a requirement in assessing sustainable building design, but also in evaluating post-design to document the effect of sustainability measures. As a means of educating students about this important trend for facilities, The Catholic University of America has collaborated with USGBC Center for Green Schools to create a laboratory course called LEED Lab which is designed for engaged research and educating students about the ongoing operations and maintenance involved in the sustainability process. The goals of this course are mutually beneficial for students and the campus: First, the class creates a platform for direct student collaboration with the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI), USGBC Students, the facilities department along with many other campus schools and departments within the university, offering an opportunity for students to work in tandem with the facilities personnel to identify buildings that require the most effort towards sustainable upgrades. Next, experience gained from this course qualifies as a prerequisite for the LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP) examination, meeting market demands for young professionals. Lastly, it enables the first LEED EB:O&M Certification of campus facilities solely by students while pioneering existing facility certification on the entire campus.

1. Participants will learn how to engage students with hands-on building performance tracking, assessing sustainable goals, and policy development.
2. Participants will gain an understanding the LEED EB:O&M Certification process of existing campus facilities.
3. Participants will learn how to create a network of faculty, staff and student collaboration that is mutually beneficial.

Brian Alexander, The Catholic University of America; Patricia Andrasik, The Catholic University of America;
Jaime Van Mourik
, Center for Green Schools at USGBC