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Breakout Sessions

Leveraging Mobile Technology to Drive Meaningful Cost Savings in Touch Economic Times

Like all public sector entities across the State of California, California State University, Fresno was experiencing the acute effects of the state’s widening financial crisis.  With state budgets being slashed, the university faced successive budget reductions, staff layoffs and growing deferred maintenance backlogs over a five year span against the backdrop of a community racked by 18% unemployment and rising crime rates.  Hemorrhaging cash, the Facilities Management organization at Fresno State needed to stem the bleeding by driving more efficient processes and improving its bottom line.  As a first step, the University set out to evaluate and select a facilities management solution to replace aging and outmoded systems and paper processes that had long been a drag on staff and process efficiency. In this program, Fresno State will share the environmental influences we faced during California’s financial crisis and the period of “systemic crisis” that accompanied the selection and deployment of the new facilities management solution.  We will also discuss return on investment (ROI) metrics, process improvements and staff adoption barriers relative to the new technology. Of particular note, we will focus primarily on the adoption and implementation of field-ready mobile technology to drive greater efficiency and productivity from our field technicians.  Accompanied by our technology partner, we will examine financial and cultural challenges and considerations, staff adoption concerns, data accuracy and process oversight improvements, ROI metrics and cost savings derived from the use of mobile technology.  Time permitting, a brief demonstration of the University’s mobile environment will follow.

1. Attendees will learn how to garner staff buy-in and technology adoption, particularly when dealing with an aging workforce that is reluctant to sacrifice paper forms in favor of paperless technology.
2. Attendees will learn how mobile technology can directly impact workforce costs by as much as 90% by shifting to paperless, on-the-go work management processes.
3. Attendees will see how mobile technology can improve data accuracy and customer service metrics by remotely capturing data in real time in the field.

Robert Boyd, California State University/Fresno; Randy Walsh, AssetWorks, Inc.