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Breakout Sessions

Building Value With Consensus: An Integrated Approach To Sustainable Capital Projects

The design and delivery of Hamline University’s Anderson Center, meeting and exceeding its project and program expectations in the face of pressures that included a volatile economy, offers powerful lessons for the value of an integrated approach. An integrated approach to capital projects was key to the project’s successful delivery. This presentation by the owner, architect, and construction manager will address aspects of the Center’s project delivery, including design, process, team & tools.

1. Particiapnts will hear ways to control costs and elevate design quality by using standardized systems in innovative ways.
2. Explore ways to consider how to develop an effective team for project success and establish goals with the whole team early on to define the framework and process.
3. Discuss how to lead a creative and value-oriented design and delivery process that manages risk.

Lowell Bromander, Hamline University; Luke Voiland; Shelpey Bulfinch; Bake Baker, McGough