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Breakout Sessions

COPS and Robbers - Musing of an Old Outlaw

During the 20 year period from 1992-2012, the Illinois Facilities & Services division was routinely targeted for budget cuts. Over the same period of time 2.0 million square feet were added to the university with new-area funds provided below Whitestone values. Recognizing that the condition of the facilities had deteriorated to an unacceptable level, two actions were initiated:

Early investment of these funds in mechanical/electrical systems created room in the energy budget to selectively finance energy savings performance contracting projects using general revenue, bonds, and third party financing.  In the last five years, the above described funding sources have been expanded to include grant funding from the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundations, the State Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, and the Student Sustainability Committee. These sources have added over $10M to the facility budget. The success in obtaining grant funding has encouraged Facilities & Services to seek larger grants and other innovative solutions to supplement budgetary shortfalls. |

1. Participants will discuss the value of targeting facilities funding to provide the greatest return on investment.
2. Participants will learn how to create relationships with funding organizations to establish a recurring source of additional funds.
3. Participants will learn about utilizing innovative reinvestment practices to fund new projects.

Jack Dempsey, University of Illinois/Urbana-Champaign