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Breakout Sessions

Proactive or Reactive: The Cost of Masonry Maintenance

So you think that if the roofs are maintained, the exterior walls don’t need any attention?? Especially since brick lasts for “hundreds of years”?? This presentation will explore a maintenance schedule for exterior walls and specifically look at the maintenance of masonry. As the various levels of masonry repair details are discussed, the costs of proactive masonry maintenance versus the reactive, “fix it when it’s broke” mentality will enlighten you to perhaps change your thinking about exterior wall maintenance. After all, maintaining and sustaining the exterior walls is a green concept, too.

1. Participants will gain an understanding of the effect of time to the cost of maintenance for exterior cladding.
2. Participants will identify the basic maintenance repairs for masonry exterior walls and know the typical maintenance schedule.
3. Particiapants will discover how the actual cost of deferred maintenance of masonry exterior walls that is delayed beyond basic maintenance repairs.
4. Participants will hear how the value of regularly scheduled maintenance of masonry exterior walls.

Pamela Jergenson, INSPEC; Ruthann Manlet, University of Minnesota