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Breakout Sessions

Replacement Planning Is the Heart of Succession Planning

Succession planning is a process for identifying and developing staff with the intention of readily filling key leadership positions in an organization.  Succession planning provides a sensible method of career pathing for a potential pool of capable employees who are prepared to assume these roles as they become available.  Taken narrowly, "replacement planning" for key roles is the heart of succession planning. Rather than simply relying on past performance and technical skills, the focus is on building the structural elements of the organization.  This ensures that team members who are promoted are better positioned for success in the organization, compared to methods used in the past.  Therefore, the talent pool must be managed and nurtured for replacement with “accession planning” in place, to create effective succession.  This session will cover how an organization can engage in accession planning, using core competency measures that align to organizational values, to evaluate employees being considered.

1. Participants will learn how to identify those with the potential to assume greater responsibility in the organization and the critical development experiences they need.
2. Participants will learn of best practices on how to engage the leadership in supporting the development of high-potential leaders.
3. Participants will discover how to improve employee commitment and retention.

Christopher Ahoy, Retired; Joseph Han, Cleveland State University