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Breakout Sessions

"Road Map" for "Making the Most" Rather Than "Making Do"

Following a University lead master-plan recommending an unrealistic $70,000,000 underground addition to their 180,000 SF main library; Clemson’s Dean of Libraries, Kay Wall, took a different approach. Working with architect David Moore, they crafted a “Road-Map”, and developed a phased approach that optimized the library, increasing its capacity, efficiency and functionality; without adding a single SF. By “making the most” rather than just “making do”, the library is poised for both current and future use! The results will amaze you!!

1. Attendees will be given criteria and learn the steps needed to organizing their own “Creative Inquiry Teams” comprised of students, faculty and administration officials and learn ways to solicit valuable and relevant information that will define their facility’s direction.
2. Attendees will learn the difference between the “Road Map” approach vs the traditional “Master Plan” approach to planning and learn the steps needed to implement their own facility specific “Road Map.”
3. Attendees will discover strategies and recommendations for unlocking additional, underutilized space in their own buildings.  They will be able to identify common mistakes that lead to inefficiencies and how to eliminate them.
4. Attendees will learn how to assess if off-site repository strategies make sense for their library/campus; and learn the how-to-steps needed to assess if such an approach will benefit the physical qualities of their on-campus library.

Kay Wall, Clemson University; David Moore, McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture