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Breakout Sessions

Schools Can Leverage Cooperative Purchasing and Save Up to 20 Percent

Challenged to maintain a satisfactory educational environment while continuing to deal with budget cuts, higher education leaders need ways to do more with less.Cooperative purchasing allows administrators to leverage bulk purchasing and yield economic benefits unobtainable by individual schools. Schools using cooperative purchasing save an average of 5 to 20 percent over those using a traditional procurement process. Cooperative purchasing helps schools achieve greater efficiencies while ensuring credibility and confidence in business procedures by maintaining open competition for purchases and by complying with purchasing laws and ethical business practices.

1. Participants will learn about the benefits of purchasing through cooperatives and how to leverage the purchasing potential of governmental entities in all 50 states.
2. Participants will gain an understanding how the process works.
3. Participants will learn how Texas Association of Community Schools utilized cooperative purchasing to improve its procurement processes and achieve over $100,000 in savings.

Stuart Verdon, The Cooperative Purchasing Network (TCPN); Jon Symko, Trane