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Smart LED Lighting Helps Advance the Classroom & Reduce Energy

Lakeland Community College in Kirtland, Ohio opened the Holden University Center in 2011. The two-story, 40,000 square-foot facility is outfitted with complementary and interconnected state of the art technologies to create an advanced learning environment. The facility recently received silver LEED certification. One of the new technologies featured through the new facility is ambient LED lighting integrated with robust digital lighting controls. This smart and simple lighting system enabled Lakeland to integrate the lighting directly with the audio/visual control stations in each classroom, as well as the building automation system. The integrated lighting system is helping to reduce energy use, reduce maintenance, provide high quality illumination and advance the learning environment. 

Join Robert Diehl, director of facility management for Lakeland Community College, and Tim Hogan, VP of Acuity Brands Education Vertical, as they share how and why the College selected LED lighting integrated with digital controls; the challenges they faced integrating the lighting, audio/visual and building systems; and the benefits achieved to date.  Diehl will close the session with a brief overview of Lakeland Community College’s holistic approach to energy management. Lakeland Community College is currently recognized as best in class for energy conservation among higher education facilities in North America. It won a 2010 Bellwether Award, which recognizes outstanding and innovative programs and practices that are successfully leading community colleges into the future. 

1. Participants will discover how LED lighting and digital controls solutions can enhance the student lighting environment, reduce maintenance and reduce energy use.
2. Participants will learn how seamlessly integrating LED lighting, digital lighting controls and other building systems can help achieve operational efficiencies. 
3. Participants will discover Lakeland Community College’s holistic approach to energy management. 

Robert Diehl, Lakeland Community College; Tim Hogan, Acuity Brands, Inc.