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Breakout Sessions

Social Media, Communications, Change Management & Leadership

Social media plays an increasingly influential role in our personal and professional lives as facility managers.  Companies are launching massive and effective marketing campaigns using social media networks that are proving to be effective communication tools.  The dynamics of communications continue to evolve in the workforce and existing generational and technological gaps present unique challenges with work expectations, ethics, method of approach and more.  Kunal Chitre, Software Engineer with Digital Energy, Inc. discusses some of the generational challenges with communication and acceptance of social media as part of the evolving facility management work culture. Focusing on various media platforms like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Skype, this session analyzes how modern organizations are leveraging their talent to promote business, bridge the generational gap and nurture their workforce.  The latter part of this session summarizes experience using change management and leadership tools in the context of social media to achieve work objectives, motivate staff, and prepare employees for the next digital age. Consideration is given on the impact of social media from a management perspective and influencing organizational change from within.

1. Participants will learn how to deal with change management and leadership in the new digital age.
2. Participants will gain an understanding of how social media is changing the work force dynamics and what organizations need to learn to welcome this change.
3. Participants will discuss and consider the impact of social media from a management perspective.

Jason Wang, California State University/Northridge; Kunal Chitre, Digital Energy, Inc.