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Breakout Sessions

The California Community College’s Sustainability Template

As with many public sector agencies, the California Community Colleges recognize the environmental, economic, and social benefits of resource efficiency and sustainability.  Many Districts are well along the path to sustainability, but others are struggling to find the resources and information to tackle these issues.  The Citrus Community College District, the CCC Chancellor’s office, and the California Energy Commission have partnered to create a “Sustainability Template Plan” intended to meet these challenges, and has been designed as a “Roadmap and Toolkit” to be used at Community Colleges across the state.  The Pilot Demonstration of the Template was completed at Citrus College earlier this year, and it is now available for use System-wide!  With this presentation, the CCC Chancellor’s Office, Citrus College, as well as other Community Colleges will share their experiences with its implementation to help other Districts with their sustainability planning efforts.  Come learn how your District can benefit from this groundbreaking program!

1. Participants will gain an overview of the Sustainability Plan Guidebook and Template project as well as an understanding of the regulatory, economic and policy drivers for campus sustainability planning.
2. Participants will gain an understanding of sustainability objectives and goals setting and realize the tools and resources available to campuses to meet these goals.
3. Participants will share best practices learned from the implementation of the Template at Citrus College and gain an appreciation of the Chancellors Office commitment to the importance of this effort and support for campuses.

Fred Diamond, Citrus Community College; Ken Albright, Butte College; Matt Sullivan, Newcomb Anderson McCormick