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Breakout Sessions

Times are Difficult… Do Your Facilities Care? Does Anyone Care?
Provide the Power of Perspective to Campus Administration to Effectively Make the Case

In this session Kansas State University and the University of Arizona, will share with you the steps they have taken to harness vast amounts of facilities and financial data. Additionally, they will share how they have used this knowledge to provide strategic decision support not only within their respective facilities organizations but also with senior administration and across the broader campus community. In a time of limited resources and competing demands, these campuses will share how they have been able to retain or even increase critical areas within their operations such as deferred maintenance funding. Through a process of independent third party validation, benchmarking, and analysis they have been able to position their organizations for success. The creation of a common vocabulary allows information to be communicated effectively from the boiler room to the board room, thus helping their institutions understand both the impact of historic decisions and what the impact of future decisions may be on campus facilities. Much like institutions analyze the ROI of their endowments, Sightlines’ Return on Physical Assets (ROPATM) model allows campuses to understand the interrelation of annual stewardship, asset reinvestment, operating effectiveness, and customer service; and how decisions in one of these areas can either positively or negatively impact other areas.

1. Participants will hear how these campuses have harnessed vast amounts of raw facilities data to create a knowledge base “Map” of strategic facilities information.
2. Participants will learn how to use the knowledge to more clearly understand the challenges and opportunities they are facing.
3. Participants will be shared best practices on how effective communication can provide a broader appreciation and understanding of facilities demands and opportunities across campus.

Ed Rice, Kansas State University; Christopher Kopach, University of Arizona; Thomas Huberty, Sightlines