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Breakout Sessions

Total Cost of Ownership Approach to Building Energy Management System Options

Present an overview of the application of a Total Cost of Ownership calculation, recent case study at Northern Arizona University.   A number of alternative energy saving technologies was considered in planning the ventilation system for a new Chemistry Laboratory Building.   A tool in evaluating the relative merit of these alternatives was derived from methods described in the APPA Center for Facilities Research publication “Buildings… The Gifts That Keep on Taking; A framework for Integrated Decision Making” by Rodney Rose, 2007.   Estimates for the birth and burial, maintenance and operation, and recapitalization of each of the system types were prepared for use in a 50 year building life cycle comparison. This provided a realistic look at the incremental long term costs and benefits of applying more sophisticated approaches to laboratory ventilation control, and potential trade-offs between energy cost savings and increases in facility operation and maintenance cost increase was examined.   The study identified an absence of published long term cost and performance data for Building Energy Management and Control Systems (EMCS).  Sensitivity of the assumptions used to estimate cost factors on the final outcome is described in the presentation, and results of the Total Cost of Ownership methodology confirmed the value of including routine maintenance and calibration, service contracts, periodic renewal and software upgrade and component replacement in Building EMCS decision making. 

1. Participants will be shared the applicable methods used from APPA publication “Buildings… The Gifts That Keep on Taking; A Framework for Integrated Decision Making”.
2. Participants will review the 50 year building life cycle comparison. 
3. Participants will discuss the m ethodology confirmation of Value.

Lindsay Wagner, Northern Arizona University; Henry Johnstone, GLHN Architecture & Engineers, Inc.