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Breakout Sessions

Safety Resources Benchmark Survey

The University of Texas at Austin Facilities Services Department invited several institutions to participate in a 10-question survey about the safety resources available for the Facilities Management or Physical Plant (FM/PP) departments.  The purpose of the survey was to benchmark safety resources for university FM/PP departments.  The goal of the survey was to determine if our department has sufficient safety professionals and funding available to support the health and safety needs of our employees.  We collected data from April 2-18 2012 and received responses from 146 institutions from 38 US States and 2 Canadian states.  Respondent demographics include public vs. private, 2-year vs., 4-year programs, and a variety of Carnegie Classifications. Survey topics included department size, services provided to campus, internal or external safety support, FTE and budget resources, and wellness programs. The results from the survey reveal a variety ways universities support the safety needs of their FM/PP department.

1. Participants will be exposed to a variety of ways universities support the occupational safety needs of FM/PP departments.
2. Participants will learn how to evaluate the number of safety professionals supporting different sizes of FM/PP programs.
3. Participants will learn how to evaluate the average budgets dedicated to FM/PP safety program.
4. Participants will learn how to evaluate the implementation of wellness programs at different sizes of FM/PP departments.

Jennifer Root, The University of Texas/Austin