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Breakout Sessions

You Know You Have Potential, Now Unleash YOUR Potential

Only a small group of people in organizations realize their full potential. If you are not one of those realizing your potential, you may feel like you and your potential are locked in a glass jar. The glass jar is an analogy representing an invisible barrier to YOUR success. From inside the jar, you may see what you are capable of, but you also realize that you are unable to get the lid off without help. In this session, participants will discover important concepts for finding 'help' in the form of a lid lifter and outline a plan to help unleash YOUR potential.

1. Participants will identify the five ingredients needed to unleash your potential.
2. Participants explore if they want to unleash their full potential.
3. Participants will develop a plan to reach their full potential.

Joseph Han, Cleveland State University; Jejuana Brown, Cleveland State University