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Breakout Sessions

College Mission Critical (HVAC) Systems Replacement

Pima Community College faced the challenge of how to replace their obsolete and inefficient central plant with a new system using a method that would allow the College to continue to operate with minimum disruption and downtime. After years of research and investigation, the College Facilities Department leadership chose to replace the equipment with a packaged modular central plant system that would allow for installation savings, a fast-track schedule and improved energy efficiency. The College wanted a contractor to also be the equipment vendor on the project and to think “out of the box” and be the team leader in providing solutions to the issues and problems relating to the requirement to have continuous operations and minimal disruption of campus activities. By using the modular central plant system, the College was able to have a temporary cooling tower installed to provide continuous operations using the old chiller and heating systems while the preparations were being done for the new replacement unit. The new central plant utilizes the latest technology with magnetic bearing chillers that reduces the noise level of the campus, utilizes solar heating system for domestic water, and has dramatically reduced energy costs for operations. Since the installation of this new plant, the College has seen a $61,348 reduction in costs for electricity, gas, and water utilities. The College was also able to reap other benefits from the use of a modular system as the old central plant areas were freed up to become classroom and laboratory teaching areas.

1. Participants will learn of new technologies available that will allow their institutions to be able to achieve success in the replacement of their mission essential central plant equipment.
2. Participants will learn of the benefits to be derived from the use of more energy efficient central plant chillers and heating equipment and the use of solar systems to provide domestic water heating.
3. Participant will learn of the benefits and time/labor savings by using a modular central plant system to replace their central plant equipment.
4. Participants will learn how to plan and strategize the development of a project to replace mission critical equipment.

William Ward, Pima Community College/Tucson; J. Michael Posey, Pima Community College/Tucson