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Breakout Sessions

Sustainable Landscape and Irrigation Methods

With droughts affecting higher education campuses across the United States, sustainable water management is becoming a key aspect of conservation.  The University of Texas has implemented a central irrigation system that monitors water usage for the landscape and alerts when problems occur.  Water usage data from the system allows the university to pinpoint high water use areas and redesign the landscape and irrigation.  The water sustainability effort successfully uses the latest in technologies in order to keep a healthy landscape and conserve on water.  This presentation will describe the process of changing to a centralized system, explain the new technologies that exist, and discuss both the benefits and challenges.              

1. Participants will learn how to identify ways in which a central irrigation system can support sustainability at their institution.
2. Participants will gain an understanding in water usage data and implement changes based on the data.
3. Participants will hear how to design and implement Sustainable Landscape Methods.

Markus Hogue, The University of Texas/Austin; Brett Gustafson, The University of Texas/Austin