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What is APPA U?

By offering both APPA’s highly regarded Institute for Facilities Management and Leadership Academy, APPA U delivers quality professional training in an environment that encourages professional networking and collaboration with other education facilities professionals—in one location. This approach allows for less travel, easier registration, greater sharing of information, and an excellent opportunity for Institute and Academy attendees to network with each other throughout the week. Both the Institute and Academy are four-track programs held at APPA U twice every year.

The Institute of Facilities Management

The Institute for Facilities Management offers four core course tracks during each week-long session: General Administration & Management; Maintenance & Operations; Energy & Utilities; and Planning, Design & Construction.   Institute students select one core area that will be the focus of their classes for that week.  Morning classes consist of required courses, centering on the core area selected.  Afternoon classes are electives chosen by the student and may be a combination from any of the four core areas. 

Upon completing each week-long session, students will receive a certificate of completion designating their core area of study and 3.0 continuing education units (CEUs).  To receive maximum benefit, APPA recommends that students work towards graduation from the full Institute program by completing all four core areas. 

The Leadership Academy

The purpose of the Leadership Academy is to enhance and further develop leadership throughout the educational industry. It provides opportunities for administrative professionals to increase their awareness of industry issues, learn the skills necessary to handle today's changes, and discover the leadership potential within each of us.

The Leadership Academy has been developed for, and focuses on, the educational institution's facilities staff, buyers/purchasing agents, business/finance professionals, and auxiliary services professionals.  Academy attendees focus on one of four tracks per session:  Individual Effectiveness Skills; Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills; Managerial Effectiveness Skills; and Organizational Effectiveness Skills – A Seat at the Table.  Graduates of The Leadership Academy or uniquely prepared to demonstrate the value of the facilities department in furthering their institution’s educational mission.

Continuous Learning Series (CLS)

APPA’s Continuous Learning Series (CLS) platform is aimed at providing you more immediate access to the information, training, and peer-to-peer learning you will need during this age of accelerations. It will enable facilities professionals to access the most relevant and current knowledge available on a wide range of topics and across a number platforms and mediums. Our one and three-day workshops are part the platform that is designed to offer educational facilities professionals increased opportunities to pursue life-long learning as a means of addressing the myriad challenges they face in a world that is transforming at an accelerated rate and pace. Educational facilities professionals will not only need to adapt more quickly to changing skillset requirements; it will be imperative to adopt and leverage smart building systems technologies given building sensing capabilities and Big Data/ predictive analytics tools.

“I’ve gone to a lot of conferences over the last ten years, but this is—by far—the best conference I’ve attended. Every session I’ve been to, I’ve gotten something out of it.  Every time I go in thinking, ‘how long is it going to take me to get out of this session?’ but I don’t look at my watch.  I am totally engaged.  I am taking back things I am going to share with my staff or my colleagues.”  

-- Sue Van Cleve, Information Services Manager, University of New Mexico Physical Plant Department

“I asked [our associate vice president] what types of training, conferences, and credentialing I should look at. He said ‘if you want to know how to be successful at a physical plant in a university environment, you should really make APPA a top priority in your training.’”

-- Jacob Savens, Mechanical Engineer, Michigan State University


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