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Continuous Learning Offerings

Building the Smart Campus: A Workshop on Successfully Employing Fault Detection & Diagnostics in the Campus Environment

January 14, 2019
8:00am - 4:30pm
OMNI Fort Worth Hotel, Fort Worth, TX
Tuition: $195
NOTE: Participants will be offered breakfast, morning refreshment break, lunch and afternoon refreshment break.

The deployment of Fault Detection & Diagnostics (FDD) is rapidly sweeping through higher education facilities management. In this workshop you will learn how FDD is fundamentally changing the way in which we execute our operations and maintenance missions by using Big Data analytics tools to inform managers, in real time, on building performance. A sound implementation of FDD results in early detection, diagnosis and correction of system inefficiencies and catapults facilities organizations from reactive mode to a more planned, predictive approach.

Fault Detection and Diagnostics provides your campus with:
- Unparalleled visibility into building and equipment performance
- Measurable shift from reactive maintenance to predictive and planned maintenance
- Enhanced infrastructure and employee productivity
- Optimized and sustained energy performance

Take part in an active learning discussion with your higher education peers regarding best practices for utilizing FDD technology to drive action on your campus

Attendees will learn:
- The Fundamentals of Fault Detection and Diagnostics
- How to harness the exploding sensing capabilities of their facilities
- Where FDD fits with re-commissioning/retro-commissioning/continuous commissioning
- Why FDD is simultaneously maturing as both a building operations and energy conservation tool
- Advice for making the business case and seeking administrative buy-in for investing in FDD
- Considerations for selecting the FDD solutions and applications that best fit your Campus
- What hosting option is best for your institution (on-premise, cloud-based, SAAS, In-house)
- Tips and considerations in preparing your RFP for selecting your provider and integrator
- What early campus FDD adopters will tell you about their lessons learned
- Retooling your front line staff to embrace FDD analytics
- The importance and benefits of integrating your FDD technology with your CMMS
- How to manage data overload by prioritizing the most impactful points to monitor and analyze
- The importance of dashboard interfaces in converting data to information and then to action
- Measuring and tracking success through key performance indicators

Lalit Agarwal, Director of Facilities Systems, University of Nebraska/Lincoln
Lalit Agarwal is the Director of Utility & Energy Management at the University of Nebraska/Lincoln (UNL). He began his career as a computer analyst at UNL in 2000 as part of a team that designed and developed the 3rd generation of UNL's proprietary building automation system. As facilities needs have morphed, Lalit has taken an increased responsibility for managing all facilities business systems and campus utility production, distribution and consumption. He has a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering from Osmania University in India and a Master of Business Administration from University of Nebrask/Lincoln. Lalit is an active member of APPA and received his Certified Educational Facilities Professional (CEFP) in November, 2017. He has presented at the various APPA and Big 10 and Friends conferences and is a guest instructor for the APPA Institute.

Rob Murchison, Co-Founder, Intelligent Buildings
Mr. Murchison is currently Co-Founder and Managing Director of the consulting firm, Intelligent Buildings, LLC, which is nationally recognized as a specialist in real estate technology consulting which includes: strategy and standards development, organization alignment and financial analysis. He has been a moderator and speaker at many conferences, including Harvard University, The Georgia Institute of Technology, College of Architecture and School of Building Construction as well as many speaking engagements at the RealComm Conference, IBCon Conference, and Haystack Connect. Mr. Murchison along with his fellow co-founder also have two U.S. Patents for the methods used in analytical devices with buildings.

Katie Rossmann, Manager, Data Analytics and Commissioning, University of Iowa

Katie Rossmann is the Manager of Data Analytics and Commissioning at the University of Iowa, with over ten years of experience in building energy management. She leads a 14 person in-house building automation and controls group. Katie's work bridges the gap between design intent and operation, with the goal of achieving buildings that are maintained and tuned for the long lifespans that are inherent in the university campus environment. Katie manages the analytics deployment for the Fault Detection and Diagnostics implementation on the main campus at Iowa.