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Continuous Learning Offerings

Navigating the Facilities Portfolio
September 10-12, 2019
8:00am - 4:30pm (daily)
Sheraton Music City Hotel, Nashville, TN
Tuition: $795 Members / $1295 Nonmembers
NOTE: Participants will be offered breakfast, morning refreshment break, lunch and afternoon refreshment break daily.

In today’s competitive environment, we recognize that every dollar must be justified with an immediate ROI to our administrations. This is true with everything from capital planning to equipment purchasing. Yet what about the most critical resource our facilities departments have – the people? What happens when we aren’t providing them the opportunities to engage, renew and grow?  We lose more than money – we lose our edge! And, it has been noted that deferred professional development is every bit as critical as deferred maintenance!

APPA’s Navigating the Facilities Portfolio program, within the Continuous Learning Series, enables an opportunity for individuals to think adaptively so they become more flexible in a rapidly changing environment. Today’s world requires transformational thinking for how we approach and resolve solutions and concerns. The crystal ball of yesteryear illustrated enhanced funding, more capital projects, and stable operating budgets. Real world crystal balls of today put Facilities Leaders in the midst of daily operations and demand that forward thinking is employed to achieve institutional goals, while simultaneously navigating through significant constraints. Much of what we have done before has changed and a renewed sense of urgency for a positive student experience has emerged.

At APPA, we develop opportunities to allow your staff to engage, renew and grow! Navigating the Facilities Portfolio has been developed in a format that provides participants the opportunity to work in small cohort groups, discuss cutting edge issues, and network across popular APPA programs such as the Institute for Facilities Management and the Leadership Academy based on the co-located nature of the event.

In addition to a deep dive of discussions on the current topics for educational facilities leaders, Navigating the Facilities Portfolio has been designed to utilize one of APPA’s most critical annual research efforts - The Thought Leaders Series. For the 2018-19 Navigating the Facilities Portfolio offering, the following Thought Leaders Series content will be embedded in daily course work:

Participants will do a daily ‘deep dive’ on practical topics and Thought Leaders content in group discussion, cohort table exercise, and much more! This interdependent program will provide ample networking opportunities with all participants attending APPA-U.

We invite you to visit us in Washington DC for Navigating the Facilities Portfolio and encourage you to evaluate today the importance of keeping your team on the edge so they don’t lose their edge!

Charles (Chuck) Scott, Associate Vice President for Facilities Management, Planning, and Operations, Illinois State University and APPA Past President
Chuck Scott serves Illinois State University as Associate Vice President for Facilities Management, Planning, and Operations. Under his leadership, over 500 full-time employees plan and conduct daily operations and maintenance of 6.8 million square feet of facilities and 1020 acres of grounds. Chuck is integrally involved in university master planning, long-range capital planning, capital project management, and oversight of an annual budget exceeding $35 million. During his APPA tenure, Chuck served on the Illinois MAPPA Membership Committee, was chair of the MAPPA Membership Committee, MAPPA President, Past President, Junior Representative, and Senior Representative. Chuck also created ILAPPA, the APPA Chapter for the State of Illinois. In serving APPA International, Chuck has served as VP for Professional Development, President Elect, APPA President, and is now an APPA Past President.

Jim Jackson, CEFP, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Facilities Maintenance & Operations, University of Nebraska/Lincoln
Jim Jackson, serves as the Assistant Vice Chancellor for University of Nebraska in Lincoln, and the Assistant Vice President for the Nebraska University System for Facilities Maintenance and Operations. Jim earned his CEFP and is currently a facilitator of the Credential Customized Interactive Learning Platform (CIL), Co- Chair of the Navigating Facilities Portfolio Program and a member of APPA's Professional Development Committee. Jim also Authored chapters on "Preventive Maintenance Implementation", "Career Ladders", and "Position Descriptions" for the APPA publication Maintenance - Operational Guidelines for Educational Facilities second edition.