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Supervisor's Toolkit:
Standards for Conducting Training

The Supervisor's Toolkit: Nuts and Bolts of Facilities Supervision is a program designed and developed by APPA for the purpose of training and developing supervisors and managers in the facilities environment at member institutions.

All Toolkit training programs will be conducted in no less than 32 total hours.  Each program can be adjusted to the needs of the member institution to allow training to be conducted over a longer period of time.  Reduction from the standard of 36-38 hours, to the minimum of 32, can be made within the modules, but no one module may be eliminated. 

Only Qualified Trainers approved by APPA will be permitted to conduct Toolkit training programs.

All programs conducted by APPA will have a maximum of two Master or Qualified Trainers.  Both Trainers are required to be present for all modules. 

The Toolkit will be conducted in an environment conducive to learning, with ample space for tables and projection equipment.  The equipment requirements include a DVD player, VCR, LCD projector, projection screen and two flip chart easels with paper, all of which are necessary to ensure professional delivery of the program.

No more than 40 participants will be allowed to attend any one Toolkit training program.  The minimum billing number of participants for a program is 25, with 30-35 being the preferred number of participants. 

Toolkit programs should be scheduled at least 90 days in advance of the estimated scheduled start date of the training.   Each institution will be required to sign a contract guaranteeing the number of estimated participants, the total cost of the program (based on the guaranteed estimated amount), and guaranteeing the date. 

The institution will be responsible for payment of all lodging and travel fees for the Master/Qualified Trainer(s) to conduct the training program.

All participants will be provided with an official Toolkit Participant Guide and additional handouts they will work from during the training.  Each workbook remains the property of the participant. 

An evaluation form is provided by APPA and is used to evaluate all Toolkit training programs.  All participants should be encouraged to complete the form and the Master and Qualified Trainers are responsible for returning them to APPA at the end of the training program.

Certificates of Completion are provided by APPA for each participant completing at least 32 hours of the training program.

This unique program, taught by Master and Qualified Trainers, is tailored specifically toward the education facilities professional. All training materials used and distributed for this session, from the videos that depict real-life work examples to PowerPoint presentations, use facilities language so that participants can relate to what is being taught. You can bring this exciting program to your campus for *$995 a person (this price includes all class materials, Certificate of Completion, and training fees for two APPA Master/Qualified Trainers). Minimum class size is 25; let APPA help you promote this program to nearby colleges, universities, and schools.

*Additional fees are billed to hosting Institution.

Deadlines/Calendar Reminders
We ask that when scheduling your event to be held on campus that the following deadlines are honored to ensure we can provide you the material in a timely manner:

Contact Us
To sign up to offer this valuable program on your campus today contact us at toolkit@appa.org.