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2017-2018 Officers Biographies, Platform Statements and Videos



Vice President for Professional Affairs



Gerald J. (Jerry) Carlson
CEFP, Director of Maintenance Services
Butler University

Gerald J. (Jerry) Carlson has been a long-serving member of the MAPPA Board. Jerry served on the Board from October 2000-July 2014. His positions included treasurer, president-elect, president, past president, junior and senior representative, and MAPPA’s representative on the APPA Awards and Recognition Committee and the APPA Professional Affairs Committee.

For the past 21/2 years, Jerry has served as APPA’s Secretary-Treasurer. In addition to attending all of the Board meetings and attesting to the financial/fiscal health of the organization, his duties include being chairperson of the Membership and Bylaws Committees. Additional responsibilities include being a member of the HBCU Committee (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) and the CCEG Committee (Community College Engagement Group).  Jerry also oversaw the Bylaws Committee; the Bylaws are the set of formal rules that the organization is required to adhere to, and keeping them current and ensuring they are properly followed is essential to its overall stability.

Jerry has over 40 years of experience in higher education. He is an experienced facilities professional with the leadership skills to direct APPA. Jerry has been an active and dedicated member of MAPPA/APPA for over 27 years. He has extensive background in facilities operations, accounting, finance, budgeting, and project management. His higher education experience is at two award-winning universities: Illinois State University, a large public institution, and Butler University, a small, private liberal arts institution.

Jerry has two Bachelor of Science degrees from Illinois State University in Accounting and Finance and Law.

Jerry is a graduate of the APPA Institute for Facilities Management and the APPA Leadership Academy. He obtained his Certified Educational Facilities Professional (CEFP) credential in 2013.

Jerry has received the following awards: Illinois State University, Outstanding Civil Service Employee; MAPPA Service Award, 2002; MAPPA President’s Award, 2009; Butler University, Student Government Association, Apple for You Recognition Award (three times); and APPA’s Pacesetter Award, 2014.

Platform Statement

I have been an active member of APPA for over 27 years and support all of the wonderful programs the organization offers. Serving as President-Elect will allow me to continue giving back to an organization that has been great for me both professionally and personally.

I have had the pleasure serving APPA as the Secretary-Treasurer over the past 2½ half years. In addition to attending all of the Board meetings and attesting to the financial/fiscal health of the organization, I am the chairman of the Membership Committee and Bylaws Committee. Membership in the organization is its lifeblood; without a strong, diverse membership, APPA cannot exist.

My theme for 2018-2019 is “It’s All about Connection, the APPA Way.” I want to “connect” what past Presidents have used as their themes and tie them together. If I become President-Elect and ultimately APPA’s President for 2018/2019, I would continue to lead APPA, as the recent Presidents have, by focusing on implementing its Strategic Plan for 2015-2020, and identifying the initiatives and actions needed to ensure the plan moves forward. I would also begin discussing and laying the groundwork for an updated Strategic Plan for 2020-2025.

I have made a lot of great connections over the years by meeting friends, colleagues, acquaintances, business partners, etc. These connections have helped me in so many ways. One of my goals would be to work with the APPA staff and Board to look at ways to enhance what APPA offers to our membership. We need to ensure that APPA is the first choice for facility professionals. Regardless of your level of responsibility within your organization, the APPA connections you make are valuable and will continue to assist you in the performance of your duties. We need to grow our membership, while engaging our emerging professionals, and retain membership as a priority.

It is imperative that we continue to educate, elevate, enhance, and embrace our dynamic profession. We need to continue to extend our educational programs to the local level, wherever that may be, so more members will have the opportunity to participate in APPA offerings.

Finally, an important part of this position is to understand and promote APPA’s Five Leading Strategies. The Five Leading Strategies will help guide the success of the organization. All of APPA’s committees need to work hand in hand to determine how each of us can assist in promoting and implementing these strategies.

Don Guckert
P.E., APPA Fellow, Associate Vice President/Director Facilities Management
University of Iowa

Don Guckert serves the University of Iowa (UI) as associate vice president for facilities management, responsible for master planning, space planning and utilization, design and construction, utilities production and distribution, energy management, custodial services, landscape operations, maintenance, and UI’s Office of Sustainability. Prior to joining UI in 2003, Don was director of planning, design and construction for the University of Missouri. He has more than 30 years of experience in higher-education facilities management and an additional 10 years of construction industry experience. Don is a licensed professional engineer and earned a master’s degree in engineering management and bachelor’s degrees in engineering and liberal arts and sciences from Penn State.

Don serves on the Professional Development Committee as the representative for APPA’s Institute for Facilities Management. He has been a faculty member of the Institute since 1993, and its dean of Planning, Design, and Construction since 1998. He has presented at annual meetings for MAPPA, CAPPA, RMA, PCAPPA, VAPPA, Big Ten and Friends, Big 12 and Friends, ACUHO-I, SCUP, and NACUBO. He also has presented at local and regional meetings for various construction and design groups (CSI, DBIA, AGC, AIA), and the Missouri Bar Association. As an adjunct faculty member for the University of Missouri’s College of Engineering, Don taught a senior/graduate-level course for 11 years.

Don authored and coauthored several articles for Facilities Manager, The Construction Specifier, Business Officer, and Planning for Higher Education, and has served as the editor of two APPA monographs. He participated in 10 FMEP peer reviews and four Thought Leaders programs. In addition, he led the 2015 review of the Institute for Facilities Management, served on the 1999 Institute Redesign Committee, completed a CFaR project on recharge rates, served as a section editor for the Body of Knowledge, and served as APPA’s representative on the Construction Specifications Institute’s (CSI’s) Editorial Advisory Board.

In recognition of his contributions to the association and profession, Don was named an APPA Fellow in 2006. He is also the recipient of APPA’s Meritorious Service Award and CAPPA’s Meritorious Service Award, and a two-time recipient of both the APPA President’s Award and the Rex Dillow Award. APPA has recognized Don’s organization with five APPA Effective and Innovative Practices awards, and APPA’s Sustainability Award.

Platform Statement

My career-long engagement with APPA has contributed much to my success and, in turn, provided me opportunities to serve, stretch, and give back to our profession. If chosen as President-Elect, I will consider it humbling and an honor to be trusted to lead an association that serves its members in such an effective and meaningful way.

In leading APPA, I would embrace its vision to become a “global partner in learning” and pursue with passion its mission of supporting educational excellence. The experience I’ve gained as an Institute dean and faculty member has positioned me at the center of the evolving needs, content, and delivery of professional development for our members. I have seen how education has enlightened, engaged, and energized APPA members. More importantly, I have recognized that the greatest value derived in APPA settings comes from colleague-to-colleague engagement—the building of professional networking, the open sharing of innovation and best practices, the development of productive relationships, and the creation of lifelong friendships that define APPA’s brand.

APPA’s Strategic Plan serves to align the leadership, Board, regions, staff, and members to pursue the APPA Vision Statement by fostering competencies, collaboration, and credibility. The leading strategies and foundational elements of the Strategic Plan provide numerous opportunities for advancing progress in areas in which I have been successful in my career. I would bring to APPA more than 30 years of experience leading complex organizations in senior-level positions. My track record in professional development, research and innovation, strategic communications, high-performance team-building, application of technology, and development of measures and metrics aligns well with the ongoing work of APPA. I have a particular interest in how big data analytics is finding its way into everything we do, and how we may harness this revolution to advance our Strategic Plan objectives. And finally, I would lead efforts to better integrate and leverage APPA’s centers of excellence and thereby elevate the value that APPA provides its members.

Higher education is facing the critical challenges of a generation, and with it our profession and our association will need to change, adapt, and grow in order to be tooled for a new and uncertain future. I will serve as an effective member of APPA’s leadership team and will dedicate myself to give back to an association that has given so much to me.



Lowell Allan Bromander
CEFP, Associate Vice President Facilities, Physical Plant
Hamline University

Lowell Bromander serves Hamline University as associate vice president for facilities services. In this role, he is responsible for the administration of all operations and activities of the university’s Facilities Services group. Lowell has 40 years of experience in facilities services, beginning his career in higher education at Golden Valley Lutheran College as a custodian while attending graduate school, and advancing in the field to his current position at Hamline, which he has held since 2004.

Lowell has been a long-time member of APPA and MAPPA, attending many conferences and professional development opportunities. He is a graduate of the Institute for Facilities Management and is an APPA Certified Educational Facilities Professional (CEFP). Lowell has been a member of host committees for both APPA and MAPPA conferences. He has served on the MAPPA board as president elect, president, past president, and junior representative to APPA, and is the current senior representative to APPA. He has been recognized for his work and contributions, received the APPA President’s Unsung Hero Award in 2015, and was recognized for “Commitment and Dedication to the APPA Credentialing Program” at the APPA 2016 Annual Conference.

Following receipt of his CEFP in 2013, Lowell enthusiastically joined the APPA faculty to teach the credentialing prep course. Currently, he is serving as a facilitator for the online credentialing program.

Lowell has made presentations on a variety of facilities topics, including “An Integrated Approach to Sustainable Capital Projects: Building Value with Consensus,” “Facilities Benchmarking and Reporting: Speaking to the Board,” and “The F.A.C.E. of Facilities Services.” He has also participated as a subject matter expert for APPA in the development of test questions for the credentialing program and as a critical thinker for the APPA Thought Leaders Series in 2015, with his paper “Technology and the Evolving Notion of ‘Campus.’”

During his tenure on the Hamline University campus, Lowell has been integrally involved in university master planning, long-range capital planning, and space planning. In addition to his administrative duties, he has served as the construction manager for several projects, including the award-winning Anderson Center and the renovation of University Hall/Old Main, a building listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Platform Statement

Change is happening at a rapid pace on all campuses. It is coming at us faster than at any time I can remember in my 40 years in facilities services. The drivers are many, and include technology (in departments, on campuses, and in classrooms), the delivery of learning (inside and outside the classroom), shrinking budgets, student demographics, workforce succession planning, student/customer expectations and needs, and the regulatory world.

During my time in facilities services, I’ve aligned with many colleagues and organizations to gain the information and support that has allowed me to be successful in my work. Soon after I was introduced to APPA, it quickly became my go-to organization. 

APPA has played a key role in my professional development and success as an educational facilities professional. For that, I am grateful. There is a wonderful staff at APPA, but I believe its success also comes from its members. It is time for me to “pay it forward.” My time on the MAPPA board and as an APPA Credentialing Prep Course instructor and facilitator has been very rewarding and has prepared me for continuing the APPA journey in a larger role: to help provide the opportunities that I’ve been given to others. 

Winston Churchill said, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” As APPA Secretary-Treasurer and Chair of the Membership Committee, I pledge to work toward “perfection” in all that APPA provides its membership. I would continue in the footsteps of our recent leadership, who have embraced change and been vigilant in making sure APPA’s efforts are relevant, current, and of great value for today’s educational facilities professionals. 

As Secretary-Treasurer and Chair of the Membership Committee, my pledge to you is that I will:

  1. Be an engaged, active member of the executive committee
  2. Leverage the new association management system (AMS) database to enhance/expand membership
  3. Increase APPA brand awareness, member services, and engagement opportunities through the strategic use of social media and our website
  4. Further develop new member onboarding actions and activities to increase engagement and focus on building lasting relationships 
  5. Promote greater connections and interaction between emerging professionals and senior facilities officers to create pathways for succession planning for campuses and APPA
  6. Strengthen membership recruitment and retention efforts by expanding local delivery of APPA programs such as Drive-In Workshops, the Supervisor’s Toolkit, and the Leadership Academy.

Thank you! I look forward to serving all of our members.


Anthony Guerrero
CFM, CEFP, Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities Services and Campus Operations
University of Washington Bothell (UW Bothell)

Anthony Guerrero has been in facilities management for over 30 years and has overseen UW Bothell and Cascadia College facilities since the summer of 2003. He manages facilities services, campus safety, emergency management, environmental health and safety, and commuter services for the campus.

He has an MBA from Seattle Pacific University, and a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a certificate in facilities management from the University of Washington. Tony retired from the United States Air Force Reserves after 20 years of service. He holds a Certified Educational Facilities Professional (CEFP) designation from APPA and a Certified Facility Manager (CFM) designation from the International Facility Management Association (IFMA).

Tony’s career in facilities management began with the State of Arizona in the early 1980s, before he moved to Seattle to become the maintenance superintendent at the Kingdome from 1989-1997. From 1997-2000, he was director of the Yuma Civic and Convention Center and baseball complex in Yuma, Arizona. He returned to Seattle in June 2000 to begin working for the University of Washington, Seattle as the Southwest Maintenance Zone manager. While at UW Seattle, Tony came to know APPA.

Tony began his APPA journey in 2006, volunteering as PCAPPA’s Award and Recognition Committee chair until 2011. He hosted the PCAPPA 2010 conference in Bellevue, Washington. He is a former regional president for PCAPPA and junior and senior representative. He was the secretary-treasurer of PCAPPA for two years and then in 2015 became PCAPPA’s treasurer, a role in which he also oversees the regional conference budgets. He represented PCAPPA on behalf of Cascadia College on the APPA Community College Engagement Group. As a subject matter expert, he assisted in the update of the CEFP/EFP test. He team taught the CEFP/EFP prep course with other professionals. Tony will again host PCAPPA’s regional conference in 2018. 

In 2013, Tony was one of the founding members and continues as president of the Washington State Chapter of APPA (NWAPPA). He has also been interim treasurer since 2014. He and his board members continue to provide educational facility workshops to APPA members and nonmembers alike.

Tony has been recognized by APPA for his efforts and volunteerism with the prestigious Pacesetter and Meritorious Service Awards and an APPA President’s Award for his work on the Mexico Initiative.

Platform Statement

Why am I interested in this position?

During my time as junior and senior representative, I watched Peter Strazdas fulfill his duties as Secretary-Treasurer to the APPA Board of Directors. He kept the APPA Board business meetings running efficiently and effectively. I was impressed at the partnership that he and Lander Medlin had as they took us through the APPA budget. I said then that I would like to eventually serve as Secretary-Treasurer. It is a position of service to the entire APPA membership, Board, regions, and committees. 

What I hope to accomplish while Secretary-Treasurer and Chair of the Membership Committee

As I review the financial cover letter from APPA’s Executive Vice President, Ms. Lander Medlin, dated January 30, 2017, titled “Financial Projections for FY 2016-2017; Proposed Budget for FY 2017-2018,” I note that Ms. Medlin provided a summary of APPA’s financial state. She said that the largest increase was in salaries and fringe benefits, where we chose to increase our staffing levels to improve our organizational capacity and our delivery systems. This increase was to our benefit, because it aligned with our strategic objectives. In a similar way, I will work to make sure we can provide funding where we need it most.

Ms. Medlin also said that our membership dues income was lagging because of membership retention issues. With the APPA staff’s assistance, I will do everything in my power to ensure that membership committee members and the regional presidents have the tools, information, and products they need to connect with those who have not yet renewed.   

The new Association Management System (AMS) will help us broaden membership. We must have the best data to connect with our members, and we must know which services are being utilized and which are not. Using Chuck Scott’s three pillars as strategic initiatives, I believe I can be a great asset to continue our work in membership, where we can strengthen our engagement of the member base as well as continue to pursue new member institutions.

Ms. Medlin also provided a great list of the key areas where we will focus staff effort and attention in FY 2017-2018. They include Academy on Campus, Supervisor’s Toolkits, APPA U Graduate Program, Facilities Performance Indicators (FPI), and Job Express/Facilities Manager magazine advertising. I will work hard to provide the Board of Directors the assistance they need to make these areas as successful as possible.

Vice President for Professional Affairs


Daniel J. Bollman
LEED AP, CEFP, Associate Vice President, Strategic Infrastructure Planning and Facilities
Michigan State University

Daneil J. Bollman has over 35 years of experience in facilities management, beginning as a student employee in Michigan State University’s (MSU’s) Physical Plant (now Infrastructure Planning and Facilities (IPF)). After completing his degree in civil engineering, he went on to serve in the U.S. Navy Civil Engineer Corps. Bollman returned to MSU in 1990 as a project representative in Engineering and Architectural Services and continued moving up the ranks to his current position as associate vice president for strategic infrastructure planning and facilities. In 1995 he obtained his master’s degree in resource management, became a LEED-accredited professional, and earned his Certified Educational Facilities Professional (CEFP) designation through APPA. He has been an APPA member for nearly three decades.

Bollman has been a long-standing MiAPPA board member and a MAPPA and APPA supporter through various presentations, panels, and articles. In 2012, the American Institute of Architects presented him with an Honorary Affiliate Membership for contributions to the profession for his work on the world-class Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum built on the MSU campus. In 2013, Bollman was one of five selected as a leadership fellow from MSU in what is now the Big Ten Academic Alliance. Recognizing his critical thinking skills, APPA asked him to participate in the 2016 APPA Thought Leaders Symposium, Remaking the Facilities Organization.

Most recently, he presented “Campus Energy Systems—An International Perspective” in partnership with the University of Queensland at the 2016 Tertiary Education Management Conference.

MSU IPF administrators have a long history of leadership within APPA, and have included two past APPA presidents and many other APPA leadership positions. In February 2017, MSU IPF partnered with MiAPPA to host the APPA Leadership Academy.

With Dan at the helm, MSU IPF received APPA’s Effective and Innovative Practices Award in 2016, a reflection of his embrace of IPF’s vision statement—for it to become the highest-performing, innovative, leading-edge facilities organization in the nation.

Platform Statement

Why am I interested in the Vice President for Professional Affairs position?

Being in a leadership position within APPA is a way for me to give back to a profession that has provided me with a very fulfilling career. I’ve learned a great deal about people, leadership, and management. I’ve had the opportunity to travel the globe collaborating, learning, and applying my knowledge for the betterment of higher education. Most of all, I’ve been able to do something I love, and that’s a rare thing.

Because I’ve been fortunate enough to have a diverse career in facilities management both in operations and capital construction, I can provide real value to our membership by applying my experience, background, and knowledge.

What would I like to accomplish?

I would like to use the awards and recognition program as a venue to recognize our members for their leadership, engagement, and collaboration. By focusing on these behaviors, we not only support APPA’s strategic plan but we better utilize the program to share our collective knowledge through positive examples of best practices, devoted service, and innovation.

We must lead using our experience, resources, and networks to guide emerging leaders, innovate, and maintain our relevance in higher education.

We must engage our constituents by using rewards and recognition as tools to acknowledge best practices and outstanding effort, and to demonstrate the value that individuals bring to their jobs.

We must collaborate to share ideas and experiences, and to create an environment for innovation that will allow us to thrive in the changing higher education field.

I will also support the APPA Board in its multifaceted approach to grow membership and advance knowledge and offerings for our members.

We are fortunate to be part of an exciting industry at an exciting and transformational time in our history. APPA can help all of us reach our potential, both as individuals and as institutions. I would be honored to serve you in your journey to be the best.

Tony Ichsan
ARM, CEFP, LEED AP, Director, Facilities Management Services
Portland Community College

Tony Ichsan director of facilities management at Portland Community College, has enjoyed 30 years in higher education. A wide variety of responsibilities at a research university, a private residential college, and two community colleges has given him a wealth of first-hand experience in planning, design and construction, operations and maintenance, environmental health and safety, energy management, sustainability, and emergency management.

Early in his career, Tony was encouraged by his then-director to attend local APPA meetings. His APPA journey soon grew to include participation at annual meetings, forays into regional engagement, and hosting an annual conference. He has volunteered in various capacities, including as PCAPPA’s vice president of professional affairs, secretary, president, and regional representative on the APPA Board. As a Board member, Tony has supported APPA’s five leading strategies to engage all stakeholders, broaden membership, develop future leaders, enhance professional development offerings, and expand research. In the past seven years, he has served the region twice as an APPA Board member, giving him a comprehensive understanding of APPA’s 2020 Strategic Plan and President Scott’s theme of “Creating the New Normal.”

Over the past 12 years, Tony has been actively engaged as a member in both the Professional Affairs and Awards and Recognition Committees (a Professional Affairs subcommittee). These committee memberships allowed him to be an integral part of the development of many APPA awards, both for individuals (Pacesetter Award; Distinguished Leadership and Ethics Award) and institutions (Effective and Innovative Practices Award in partnership with Sodexo; Sustainability Award in partnership with AASHE). Also, Tony was a key collaborative driver incubating many Professional Affairs’ initiatives that are now APPA toolbox staples (e.g., Credentialing, Code Advocacy, and Emerging Professionals).

Tony has also been involved with APPA at the international level as researcher, author, faculty, conference presenter, and subject matter expert. He has reviewed and launched key initiatives: Emerging Professionals, Code Advocacy, and Community College Engagement. These efforts and numerous contributions to APPA have been recognized by his colleagues, garnering both an Unsung Hero Award as well as APPA’s highest individual honor: the Meritorious Service Award.

The breadth of Tony’s experience in higher-education facilities and contributions to APPA have provided him with a strategic vision for the next steps necessary to support APPA’s mission, ensuring that all five foundational elements—communication, marketing, technology, resource management, and metrics and measures that define success—are embedded in Professional Affair’s future.

Platform Statement

Being a critical component of student success, facilities management has to professionally evolve and progress as a recruitment and retention tool. As an esteemed colleague recently indicated, “We can no longer just be at the table, we have to create the menu.”

Why I am interested in the role of Vice President for Professional Affairs

As the global leader in educational facilities management and my association of choice, APPA has been there throughout my 30-year career not only as a resource for answers, but also as a source of best practices and great mentors. My APPA leadership experience has led me full circle to return to you, our members, all the knowledge and career-enhancing initiatives that have helped me along my professional journey.

My unique history and experience with Professional Affairs and the Board, as indicated above in my background statement, allows me to share a fresh approach, yet seamlessly transition and support President-Elect Kopach’s goals by ensuring that all five strategic foundational elements are embedded in the future of Professional Affairs.

This approach includes 1) fostering membership engagement and your critical input to improve professional standards for our members, 2) building regional relationships by site visits to improve communications, 3) developing a marketing strategy to share best practices through technology, embracing the “Why APPA?” approach, 4) utilizing new and existing tools to qualitatively and quantitatively measure our profession and, lastly 5) managing our resources to be sustainable from a total cost of ownership perspective for the best return on investment value. I believe that Professional Affairs can continue to nurture existing tools—such as Facilities Performance Indicators (FPI), the facility professional’s benchmarking tool of choice—while remaining a hotbed of great new APPA ideas and initiatives.

I have been committed to creating excellence for APPA as the go-to resource for the educational facility professional. As Vice President of Professional Affairs, I will continue this commitment of serving our members with recognition, development, and implementation of professional standards through leadership of the Professional Affairs and Awards and Recognition teams.