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2018 Archived Webinars

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2018 Webinars

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Facility Steam Systems: Easy Tips for a Safer, More Reliable System

AHU Refurbishment for Compliance with NFPA and ASHRAE

NFPA 3000 – Active Shooter/Hostile Event Response Program (ASHER)

The Changing Status of Natural Gas

Campus Water Consumption with ecoblue

Design and Operation of Water Based Systems to Minimize Legionella Proliferation

Transforming – Facilities To Achieve Student Success

Resources to Support Our Changing World

The Environmental Management Guide for Educational Facilities

SMART LABS – Roadmap to High Performance Laboratories

Infrastructure Planning and Utility Roadmap – Best Practices

Student Partnerships in Sustainability

An Introduction to Mass Notification and Emergency Communication Systems

Innovative Access Control Solutions for Securing Today’s Campus

Low – Frequency Sounders and NFPA 72

ASHRAE’s Building EQ Program and Relevant Educational Programs

Nanogrid to Campus Microgrid – How Santa Fe Community College is Working with Local Community and Utility to Deploy a Microgrid

Higher Education Smart Infrastructure Webinar

The New NFPA Active Shooter Standard Potential Impact on Higher Educational Facilities

Harness the Noise

Presentation File Request

Copies of presentation slides available by contacting Billie Zidek, Standards & Codes Administrator.