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Strategic Capital Development: The New Model for Campus Investment

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Strategic Capital Development: The New Model for Campus InvestmentStrategic Capital Development: The New Model for Campus Investment.
Author:Harvey H. Kaiser & Eva Klein
Price:$ 75.00 (Member Price: $ 50.00)
Date Published:2010
Cover type:Softcover
No of Pages:172
Notes:Presented by APPA's Center for Facilities Research (CFaR)

The proposed comprehensive model is presented as a fully integrated set of methodologies to assess needs and develop a prioritized capital projects plan, integrated with a physical master plan. The authors include, and advocate, the concept of a strategic funding framework--a larger view of feasible and desirable capital funding for defined capital needs.

PART I--An Overview of Capital Planning in Higher Education
* Chapter 1 - Evolution of Models and Methodologies
* Chapter 2 - Pioneering Strategies of the Last Decades

PART II--The Case for Change
* Chapter 3 - Context and Environments
* Chapter 4 - Foundations for a New Model: Principles and Process of Stewardship

PART III--Strategic Capital Development: A Comprehensive Model
* Chapter 5 - The Proposed Model
* Chapter 6 - Project Organization
* Chapter 7 - Strategic Review
* Chapter 8 - Comprehensive Capital Needs Assessments
* Chapter 9 - Capital Projects Plan and Campus Master Plan
* Chapter 10 - Strategic Funding Framework
* Chapter 11 - Ongoing Implementations

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