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You’re Hired!  APPA’s Job Express Connects Candidates with Jobs

Fitting the right person to the right job can be a complicated search, especially in a field as complex as educational facilities management.  Whether you’re hiring or looking for new opportunities, APPA’s Job Express provides a central location for all your hiring and job hunt needs.

“Job Express is an easy-to-use APPA service that can make a real difference for a facilities management department to attract and hire the best candidates for the job,” said Steve Glazner, APPA’s director of knowledge management and manager of Job Express.  “As a hiring manager, you know when you post a job opening in APPA’s Job Express that it will be seen by the professionals with the qualifications and experience you need on your campus.  It also gives you access to individuals who have posted their resume and might be ready to move into a new position.”

Professional facilities management positions available at colleges and universities, K-12 organizations, hospitals, public works, museums, and other agencies and organizations are posted weekly. 

Job Express offers flexibility for job postings, allowing posters to write their own listings, update it as needed, and determine how long to keep the information online, Glazner said. 

APPA members receive a discounted rate to post job ad.  Employees of APPA member institutions can post their resume to the Resume Bank for free.
Whether you are looking for a part- or full-time job, an internship, or working on your resume, Job Express will help you find what you need.

For more information go to Job Express or contact Steve Glazner.