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Facilities Symposium On-Demand – Winter Offerings

APPA Facilities Symposium
On-Demand Winter Offerings

Welcome to APPA’s On-Demand Winter Offerings. Join us for these unique selections of offerings from our January 25-27, 2021 programming that will allow you to taste the type of virtual programming APPA has just for you. As you enjoy these sessions until March 12th, remember to mark your calendar for the APPA Facilities Symposium Spring Program, which will be from March 31 – April 2.

Can I Trust You? Do You Trust Me?
Shawna Code, Director, Weber State University
Work gets done with and through people, and there is nothing more impactful on interpersonal relationships than the level of trust that exists.  Join us as we expand on the importance of trust within your relationships (both professional and personal!) and leave with actionable steps you can put to work immediately.
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Customer Service
Erik Cagle, Manager, Custodial Operations, Pennsylvania State University
Effective customer communication is essential for a successful facilities management organization.  Discuss who the customers are, how we understand their expectations, and the steps we take to meet those expectations.  Explore customer surveys, communication methods, training in customer service, and how to market the facilities organization.
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Deploying Disruptive Technologies with a Disruptive Approach to Leadership
Adam Lawver, Campus Services Director, Michigan State University; Sean O’Connor, Michigan State University (RETIRED)
How do you advance a culture of high performance?  The highest levels of performance require the deepest levels of trust.  As you deploy disruptive technologies – “changing the game” for how you do what you do – then fostering trust becomes equally or more important than the actual technologies being deployed.  The research provides examples of how we deployed disruptive technologies to improve our performance and describes the leadership approaches taken in detail.  New technologies not yet deployed are also provided with the leadership approaches we will take once we begin deployment.  To measure the effectiveness of the leadership approaches to foster deep trust, we have deployed an internal survey to measure the current levels of trust and will continue to deploy new ways to measure our leaders’ progress to foster trusting relationships among the workforce.
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Healthy, Smart Buildings: Why You Should Care
Lalit Agarwal, Director, Utility & Energy Management, University of Nebraska – Lincoln; Rob Murchison, Principal and Co-Founder, Intelligent Buildings, LLCAdam Gogolski, Product Manager, Gordian
Join us as we focus on the indoor environment as a key determinant of our occupants’ safety, health, and productivity.  It has become increasingly clear that facilities managers must ensure their building systems are optimized to deliver safe and healthy environments, have a strategy that incorporates smart technologies and tools to prioritize needs and optimize an institutional investment (or divestment) strategy.  Be part of the conversation as we discuss these strategies and tools, so you are prepared for the future of healthy buildings. 
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Metrics, Informatics & Performance
Chris Smeds, Director of Technology & Innovation at University of Virginia
Modern facilities organizations are awash in a sea of data – from financial to work management, geospatial to building controls, organizations are collecting vast amounts of data. However, organizations often use that data as a record of past outcomes rather than as a tool that supports forward-looking organizational decision-making. This session will discuss how organizations can address this issue and begin to use their data effectively. Topics will include data, metrics, KPIs, benchmarking (including APPA’s Facilities Performance Indicators), and APPA’s newly launched initiative on Facilities Informatics.
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