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APPA 2018, Washington, D.C.: Program Archives

Access the APPA 2018 PowerPoints be clicking on the name of the session below. For sessions where we have not be provide a final presentation file, we are sharing the lead contact on the session allowing you to directly engage with the presenter(s). 
NOTE: Download times will vary based on file size and incorporated graphics/content.

Addressing Deferred Maintenance w/ Advanced Facility Condition Assessment at University of Arizona
Advanced Facilities Analytics – University of California/San Francisco Best Practices 
APPA’s Total Cost of Ownership Update: Putting TCO to Work on Your Campus – Session Lead Contact
Automated Energy Audits With Drones – Session Lead Contact
Beyond the Title: True Value – Session Lead Contact
Big Projects Small Campus – Session Lead Contact
Campus As Architectural Lab – The American University of Cairo
Charitable Reuse – Forget the Landfill – Session Lead Contact
Conserve My Plant – Saving Energy & The Environment – Session Lead Contact 
Controversial Speakers: Keeping the Campus Safe
Customer Service: 360 Degree Approach To Facilities Public Relations – Session Lead Contact
Data-Driven Decision Making For Facilities 
Designing Net-Zero Energy Campuses – Session Lead Contact
Elevator Modernization Ups & Downs
Empowerment: Technical Training Case Study – Session Lead Contact
Energizing Facilities: Modernization & Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficient Access Management – Campus Safety & Security That is Sustainable
Enhancing A Diverse & Inclusive Learning Environment – Session Lead Contact
Ensuring You Are Ahead of The Curve – CFATS Compliant
Everything You Need and Want to Know About APPA’s Credentialing Program – Session Lead Contact
Facilitating Student Success
Facilities Management Apprenticeship Program
Facilities Performance Indicators Meets Big Data: The Exciting Future of APPA’s FPI 2.0 
Find a Job in Higher Education
Fire & Smoke Resistance And Building Risk – Session Lead Contact
First Impressions Count – A Campus Partnership
Flipping Customer Service!
Go Local: Forming A Regional Chapter – Session Lead Contact
Housekeeping Spaces & FTE Calculations 
How Reusable Insulation Saves Energy, Cuts Emissions & Spells Sustainability
Implementing APPA’s Thought Leaders Series Findings In Your Organization
ISSA’s Cleaning Industry Management Standard: Benefits and Opportunities – Session Lead Contact
Issues with Recovery and Recharge in Higher Education
Lessons From Coach Gibbs 
Making the Case for Diversity & Inclusion Leadership in Facilities Management
Mastering Facility Service Requests – Session Lead Contact
Matching People’s Management Drives 
Mentoring Opportunities in APPA
Mission Impossible: Demystifying the APPA Awards Process – Session Lead Contact
Mobile Workforce – Michigan State University’s Team – Session Lead Contact
Modernizing Control Systems for Campus 
Modernizing Infrastructure for Institutional Success
Modernizing Waste & Recycling Operations 
More Than Just A Project List 
Navigating the Generations 
Next Generation Learning Organization – Washburn University 
NFPA 3000 : Standard for Active Shooter Response
People, Process, & Paper: Workforce Mobilization
Pillars Of A Successful JOC Program – Session Lead Contact
Planning For Efficient Campus Infrastructure
Safety And Savings Former Greener Laboratories
Securing Our Communities Together – Session Lead Contact
Seriously, It’s Not What You Think It’s Actually More – Session Lead Contact
Solar Decathlon: Students, Faculty & Facilities 
Strategic Leadership for Organizations
Student Drive Approaches to Campus Sustainability – Session Lead Contact
Success With The Water Trifecta – Condensate, RO Reject & Landscape
Team Clean: Innovative Janitorial Services
The Current State of Practice for Condition Assessment Methods
The Facilities Service Experience & Student Success
The Importance of Data-Driven Decision Making 
UAB Academic Small Business Alliance
Understanding the Total Cost of Ownership of a Building Automation System
We’re Not a Challenge, We’re an Opportunity! – Session Lead Contact
Welcome to APPA: Now What? – Session Lead Contact

Transformational Changes in Higher Education & Facilities Management 

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