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APPA Facilities Symposium Programming – March 31, 2022

March 31, 2022 | 11:00am – 12:15pm EST | Keynote Session

The Stuff: Unlock Power to Overcome Challenges, Soar & Succeed
Dr. Sampson Davis was raised as the fifth of six children in Newark, one of New Jersey’s poorest cities. As a child, Dr. Davis grew up in cramped living quarters, surrounded by fragmented families, crime, and drugs. Still, he was a good student, able to strike the fragile balance between being smart yet socially acceptable on the streets. It was this combination of skills, Dr. Davis says, that were most critical to his survival.  In May 2018, Dr. Davis along with Sharlee Jeter co-authored his newest book, “The STUFF: Unlock Your Power to Overcome Challenges, Soar, and Succeed.” The STUFF offers 11 core elements to a maximized you through sharing poignant, inspiring stories of everyday individuals who fought through impossible life-defining circumstances, overpowered, and succeeded. Through mastering the 11 elements in the book, Davis believes we all can live our best STUFF.   Dr. Davis has appeared on numerous talk and radio shows including Oprah, Dr. Oz, The Today Show, The View, CBS This Morning, PBS News Hour, Anderson Cooper 360, and NPR as well as print publications including but not limited to People, O Magazine, Reader’s Digest, Washington Post, NY Times, USA Today, Parade and Black Enterprise.
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March 31, 2022 | 12:30pm – 1:30pm ET | Educational Offerings

Closing The Existing Gaps In Facilities Today
This class is about the gap that exist between frontline employees and administration. An inspiring view will be offered as to solutions to close the gap. Thought leaders in the world of management Deming, Drucker wrote extensively on employee empowerment and autonomy. Attendees of this class will learn how cultural changes at facilities is the first step toward greater productivity and job satisfaction for both frontline employee and administrator.
Presenter: Steve B. Fryman, Key Compliance Manager, Florida State University-Facilities
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FPI 2.0
APPA’s Facility Performance Indicators Survey and Report (FPI) has been available for years to provide metrics about the campus’s facilities and operations. The data is not changing, but the ways to enter and display the data change to utilize modern tools. The presentation will demonstrate the latest survey and reporting tools and help participants identify ways to measure the changing status of their facilities.
Presenter(s): Ted Weidener, Ph.D., PE, NCARB, DBIA, CEFP, Professor, Purdue University; Christina Hills, Director of Benchmarking & Credentialing, APPA
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Set Your New Facilities Team Up for Success
Do you need all of your team members to share decision-making responsibilities, establish trust, and gain insight into what’s important to each other? During this session, you’ll discover how to create and get massive buy-in to a team vision, develop norms for managing conflict, and use powerful mindset skills. Your new team needs specific support in becoming cohesive and high-performing. These are not traits that typically happen by accident.         
Presenter: Ariana Blossom, CEO/Founder, Uncommon Accord
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What Can You Do with Your Legacy Fire Alarm System
Do you have multiple brands and models of fire alarm systems throughout your facility? Do you want all of your building’s fire alarm systems to be connected in a single system but you cannot make that happen? This session will address the good, the bad, and the ugly of this problem. What do the NFPA codes say about this situation? What can you do to resolve this situation without having to rip out everything and get all the same fire alarm systems?    
Presenter: Denise Pappas, Executive Director, Keltron Corporation
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March 31, 2022 | 2:30pm – 3:30pm EST | Educational Offerings

Low Code/No-Code Solutions For Decision Making
The primary purpose of the research will defend the viability of low-code solutions developed in-house for managing projects and to answer the question of whether low-code platforms provide just enough of the business needs to support the resources needed to develop and maintain the technology.  the research is aimed to promote engagement with the target group and other key influencers of the institution to honestly gauge the effectiveness of low-code/no-code solutions for decision-making.
Presenter(s): Clint Hamner, Programming Manager, The University of Alabama; Abhishek Keshari, Power Platform Developer, The University of Alabama; Justin Brown, Systems Analyst, The University of Alabama
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Smaller is the New Bigger! Deploy Surgical Strikes
Doing smaller ‘Surgical Strikes’ deploying capital to fund multiple smaller projects with bigger impacts has more value than funding that giant project!   Colleges and universities are constantly striving to be competitive by offering bigger and better facilities, but many institutions have limited budgets. This interactive workshop uses case studies to demonstrate how any institution with a limited budget can do smaller ‘surgical strikes’ in planning, designing, and constructing facilities.
Presenter: Martin Kimmel, President, Kimmel Bogrette Architecture + Site
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Manager as Coach
Coaching is experiencing dramatic growth as a valuable management tool for managers and supervisors. You will sharpen your communication and management skills as you integrate the coaching examples, skill-building exercises, and coaching tips and traps into a positive approach with your employees. Coaching is applicable in all areas of management but is especially valuable in evaluations, discipline, positive and negative feedback, and career development.
Presenter: Michelle Frederick, Senior Director, Talent Development, American University
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Where Accessible Design Meets Budget Constraints
Budgetary constraints are on everyone’s minds while planning for new construction and renovations of aging education facilities. The requirement to ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) seems like adding insult to injury where funding is concerned. This presentation will identify monetary benefits to ADA compliance for education facilities and innovative approaches to accessibility that focus on exceeding minimum standards without adding additional costs.
Presenter: Kristi Avalos, President/CEO, Accessology Too, LLC
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March 31, 2022 | 3:45pm – 4:45pm ET | Educational Offerings

Can I Trust You? Do You Trust Me?                        
Work gets done with and through people, and there is nothing more impactful on interpersonal relationships than the level of trust that exists.  Join us as we expand on the importance of trust within your relationships (both professional and personal!) and leave with actionable steps you can put to work immediately.
Presenter: Shawna Code, Director, Weber State University
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Make Your Dollars Count! A Buildable Master Plan
Typical Master Plans often feature new buildings and spaces that never get built, fix things that aren’t broken, and don’t pay enough attention to the actual implementation of the ability to fund it, which can lead to great frustration for an institution.  This session will walk attendees through the process of the creation of a Buildable Master Plan that is a success-focused alternative to the traditional Master Plan, created with a full understanding of the Institution’s mission, its values, protocol, process, technology, environment, phasing and most importantly, it’s available funding. Recommendations and proposed solutions will be targeted; grounded in bringing the highest level of value and affordability; planned and designed to stand the test of time. Case studies will include Millersville University, Holy Family University, and La Salle University, who have all recently gone through these steps to create a Buildable Master Plan and are in the process of implementing the proposed changes.           
Presenter: Martin Kimmel, President, Kimmel Bogrette Architecture + Site
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Managing Asbestos in K-12 Schools         
The Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) was signed into law in 1986 as part of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). AHERA applies to all public and private schools. All public and private schools are required to designate an asbestos coordinator, and there are many ways to fulfill this function. I will share ideas for successful asbestos management based on my experience.         
Presenter: Dr. Jeffrey Wilson, CEFP, Director of Operations, Huntsville City Schools
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Smart Disinfection Solutions for Empowered Schools
The COVID pandemic has demonstrated that schools can’t wait until infectious threats have passed to implement permanent environmental health solutions. As a biosafety partner for schools nationwide, R-Zero pairs IoT-enabled UV-C disinfection devices with sensors to customize disinfection ecosystems for schools. R-Zero will share the results from a real-world efficacy study to illustrate how schools can future-proof buildings with our UV-C disinfection system for whatever challenges may come.  
Presenter(s): Jeff Wagner, General Manager of Education, R-Zero; Eli Harris, Co-Founder & President, R-Zero
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