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APPA/NACUBO Key Facilities Metrics Survey and Report

Where measurements occur, then improvements are likely to follow.

Since 2013, APPA and NACUBO (National Association of College & University Business Officers) have collaborated to raise consciousness over several basic key facilities metrics. Our goal is for campus finance and facilities professionals to be in alignment on a handful of important annual consumption metrics:

  • Energy (BTU),
  • Electrical,
  • Water,
  • Waste Stream output, and
  • Carbon Footprint.

Because of the worldwide pandemic, APPA and NACUBO have suspended the Key Facilities Metrics survey until further notice. The 2018-19 Key Facilities Metrics report is the most recent data available. We hope to reconstitute the KFM survey either as a stand-alone survey or as part of APPA’s annual data collection project, the Facilities Performance Indicators (FPI) survey.

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Used with permission from the University of Alabama.


Steve Glazner

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