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APPA/PCAPPA/BayAPPA 2017: Program Archives

Access the APPA/PCAPPA/BayAPPA 2017 PowerPoints be clicking on the name of the session below. For sessions where we have not be provide a final presentation file, we are sharing the lead contact on the session allowing you to directly engage with the presenter(s).
NOTE: Download times will vary based on file size and incorporated graphics/content. 

A Return to the Sandbox – Session Lead Contact 
APPA & ASHRAE’s Partnership: Adapting to Energy Challenge of Today – Session Lead Contact 
APPA ANSI Standard for Total Cost of Ownership – Session Lead Contact
APPA Award for Excellence: It Takes a Village
APPA Mentoring- Lift as You Climb
Big Data’s Big Impact on Facilities Operations and Organizations
Branching Out—Growing Employee Talent
Building a Plan for Cleaning
Building Commissioning for Life
Components of an Intelligent Campus
Condition Assessments—How to Keep Deferred Maintenance from Nipping at Your Heels 
Contagious Principles
Crafting Solutions by Taking Our Customer’s P.U.L.S.E.
Creating a “World Class” Campus
Creating a Dynamic Capital Construction Plan
Don’t Leave Your Heart in San Francisco
Driving Operational Intelligence with Data – Session Lead Contact
Drones, Leaks, and Infiltrations, Oh My!
Employee Engagement Through Performance Management
Empowering Employees Through a Technology Transition
Energy Efficiency on Campus (Real-World Data)
Environmental Management Guide for Educational Facilties – Session Lead Contact 
Establishing Fire Alarm Inspections, Testing & Maintenance Programs
Everything You Need and Want to Know About APPA Credentialing Program
Facilities + Sustainability = Living Laboratories – Session Lead Contact
Facilities GIS: Use Location to Plan, Operate, and Protect
Facilities Leadership: Team of Rivals
Facility Standards: An Operational Byproduct
Fire & Life Safety Codes: Future Chanes That Will Impact Your Existing & New Buildings – Session Lead Contact 
Getting the Most Out of APPA’s FPI Survey & Report Tool
Hiring to Transform Your Organization
Hosting the 2016 Vice Presidential Debate 
How Culture & Process Combine For Successful Project Outcomes
Implementing APPA’s Thought Leaders Series Findings in Your Organization – Session Lead Contact
Information Flow to Front-Line Employees – Session Lead Contact
Integrated Resilient Infrastructure Initiative
IOS Standards for Facilities Management 
Key Facilities Metrics for Improved Facilities Operations
Mobile Asset Management for Everyone
Motivational Interviewing with Custodial Staff – Session Lead Contact
Owning It All – Session Lead Contact
Pipeline to Staff Engagement – Session Lead Contact
Preventive Maintenance for People
Promoting Professional Customer Service
Removing Academic Learning Silos
Road to a Sustainable Energy Supply – Session Lead Contact
Synergistic Investment: Employee Professional Development
Team First, Then Project – Session Lead Contact
The Hidden Power of Lean – Session Lead Contact
Triple Bottom-Line Achievements Through Energy Savings
UCSF Recycling and Waste Reduction Innovation – Session Lead Contact
University Renovation Exceeds Savings Expectations – Session Lead Contact
Using APPA As A Transformational Tool

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