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Drive-In Workshops Bring APPA Training to You

APPA Drive-in Workshops are half-day events brought together by a hosting APPA member institution, a sponsoring business partner, and with logistics support from APPA.  All costs are covered by the business partner, so workshops are free for attendees.  They are an excellent way to provide networking opportunities and professional development with little to no travel expenditure.  Drive-in Workshops also introduce APPA’s training programs to a wider array of the hosting institution’s facilities staff, as well as facilities professionals from campuses in the surrounding area. 

Professional Development

Drive-In Workshops allow for the customization of topics to needs specific to your staff and schools around you.
“The Drive-In Workshop we hosted focused on inventory control,” said John O’Shaughnessy, Assistant Director for Operations at St. Paul’s School in Concord, New Hampshire, and president of the NNECERAPPA chapter.  “We were able to partner with Grainger, and Jeffrey Smith, Director of Facilities Maintenance Operations (FMO) at Harvard University, delivered a powerful presentation on ‘Gaining Control and Visibility of Your MRO Inventory,’ using Harvard’s story as the Best Practice. It was an on-going process for us and provided a valuable training opportunity for our attendees.”
The act of hosting the event also serves as a source of professional development.  At VMI, Jay Williams, Post Engineer, assigned the host school responsibilities to his youngest staff engineer and allowed him to take on the leadership role of representing VMI to the business partner and to APPA to secure the event logistics.  “It took him out of his comfort zone but really gave him a chance to develop new skills,” Williams said.  “It was an opportunity to expose him to a lot that APPA can offer.  The successful event was a real feather in his cap for long-term leadership development.” 

A Typical Workshop Day

A Drive-In Workshop typically runs from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., including lunch and breaks – the cost of which is covered by the sponsoring APPA business partner.  The content and speakers are organized by the sponsor, with prior approval by APPA and the host institution.  For more information about upcoming Drive-In Workshops already scheduled or to learn more about hosting a workshop, click here.