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The exam is administered completely online and consists of 110 multiple-choice questions including questions from up to ten (10) case studies (also multiple choice). You will select the best answer from four choices, with the option to flag a question to come back to later. Prior to submitting your exam, you will see your answer sheet,  where you can review your answers to ensure all questions are answered.  You can go back and make changes if necessary before submitting your exam.

Exam questions are based on the credentialing Body of Knowledge (BOK) that you will find in your online portal. There are four core areas of the BOK.  Below are the core areas and the question distribution for each area for the CEFP exam:

BOK CEFP Exam distribution

You have four (4) hours to complete the exam. If you do not complete all the questions within that time, your unanswered questions will be considered incorrect.

The CEFP exam is not an educational based exam, it is a certification exam; the industry makes a clear distinction between the two.  We are not testing comprehensive recall of knowledge; we are assessing competence to apply your FM knowledge. Therefore, the exam adheres to testing-industry standards with regard to its structure and grading.

There are 3 different CEFP exams in the system so the exam you take and the exam your coworker takes will very likely be different.

Some of the questions may be trial questions for future exams, and these questions are not scored. We are simply gathering data on their performance as effective evidence of professional competence. We use sophisticated testing technology to ensure that each examination is equivalent in its level of difficulty. You won’t encounter any “trick” questions.

Each exam question also undergoes rigorous statistical analyses to ascertain its performance to ensure that it is testing what it needs to assess. Analyzing data also helps us identify potential testing irregularities (commonly known as cheating). It sounds complicated (and it is), but we have all these checks and balances to give you every opportunity to pass the exam.

This is why we do not tell you know many questions you need to get right in order to pass. We maintain a passing point set by the Board of Directors, which ensures that every test candidate is given an equal opportunity to demonstrate his/her competence.

By passing the CEFP exam, you will be demonstrating your mastery of professional expertise and the mark of superior proficiency in the core competencies for education facilities professionals.