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CEFP holders are required to earn 120 points within a four-year cycle. All points are due four years from the day/month/year certification was earned, or four years from the day/month/year last recertified. For instance, if you passed your exam on March 12, 2015, your CEFP certification would expire March 11, 2019. If you recertified on September 4, 2013, your CEFP certification would expire September 3, 2017.

Periodic email reminders will be sent to remind CEFP holders to enter points and to renew in a timely manner.  However, it is the individual’s responsibility to make note of their recertification due date, which is located in their account.  Keeping APPA informed of any changes with name, company, address, and email fall solely on the CEFP holder.

If the 120 points is not attained on or prior to the anniversary renewal date, the CEFP credential will expire immediately. APPA will remove the CEFP holder’s name from the recognition area on our website and they will not be allowed to use the CEFP designation behind their name and/or title. It will also be necessary to successfully take and pass the CEFP exam in order to attain the CEFP designation again.

Retired CEFP Holders

Retired CEFP holders are not required to earn points to renew their credential but they still have requirements to meet.  Retirees or soon to retire CEFP holders who wish to renew their CEFP must submit a letter on company letterhead with their name and date of retirement signed by the human resources department or department chair.  This must be done PRIOR TO the expiration date of the CEFP credential and there is no fee for the renewal for retirees.

Email Kelly Ostergrant at prior to the end of the 4 year cycle requesting recertification renewal for another 4 year term and attach the company letter as proof of retirement.