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The Professional Affairs Committee (PAC) has a key role in developing, recommending and executing best practices within the educational facilities environment. It is a launch platform for the vetting of ideas, information and tools to sustain and enhance organizational and leadership responsibilities. Further, it is responsible for recognition of “institutional” excellence by considering applications for such institutional awards as the Award for Excellence in Facilities Management (AFE), the Effective & Innovative Practices (E&I), and the Sustainability award as well as recognition of “individual” service and achievement by considering applications for such individual awards as the Meritorious Service, the APPA Fellow, and the Pacesetter award. View Expectations for Professional Affairs Committee Members

Committee Members

Vice President for Professional Affairs & Chair:
Dan Bollman, Michigan State University

Committee Members:
CAPPA: Ronald Tarbutton, Oklahoma State University
CAPPA: Helen Bailey, University of North Texas
ERAPPA: John Michalewicz, University of Hartford
ERAPPA: Beth Clark, Pennsylvania State University
MAPPA: James Harrod, University of Wisconsin Hospital & Clinics
MAPPA: Doug Laditka, College of Wooster
PCAPPA: Tony Ichsan, Portland Community College
PCAPPA: Mehrnoush Jamshidi, San Diego State
RMA: EJ Hook, Montana State University
RMA: Steven Gasser, University of Calgary
SRAPPA: Marion Bracy, Xavier University of Louisiana
SRAPPA: Heather Hargrave, Tulane University
Staff Liaison: Christina Hills, Director of Credentialing & Benchmarking

Member Resources

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May 2015 Facilities and Grounds Employee Survey Microsoft Word
May 2015 How to Present a Business Plan Powerpoint

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